Blunt reveals its latest limited edition umbrella and collaboration with Tofino-based Kiwi artist Lizzie Snow. Lizzie Snow (aka fortyonehundred) is best known for creating contemporary explorations of the mandala and free-flowing artworks. Now one of her artworks feature on a beautiful umbrella – Blunt’s latest limited edition

Heather Thomas of The Mindful Kitchen shares her recipe for flatbread. All you need is flour, salt, oil and milk. Archaeobotanists have discovered that flatbread is a staple of human vitality that predates the agricultural revolution. “As early as 14,400 years ago, nomadic hunter-gatherers were making flatbread,”

Sir John Kirwan is behind new mental wellbeing app, Mentemia, to help support Kiwis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Italian for “my mind”, Mentemia has been made possible by a contribution from the Ministry of Health and support from Kiwibank and Westpac. It provides users with practical tips

It’s hard to send presents to our loved ones while in lockdown. While shops are delivering essential items, toilet paper and bread rolls don’t exactly scream ‘we think you’re awesome’.  Why not think outside the box and gift one of the following items? These gifts are

Usha Vara's recipe for gujarati roti has been passed down through the generations of her family whose roots originate in Gujarat, India's westernmost state. Roti or chapati is an integral part of every Gujarati's daily diet and is paired with dals, curries, and chutneys.  Plain and

To stay connected and show up for their community in new ways, Esse is hosting a series of Instagram Live takeovers for while we're staying at home. From peanut butter to meditation, there's something for everyone! Follow Esse on Instagram to watch their next

Ever wanted to be a fashion designer? Sneaker brand Deuce is giving you the chance to design your own #customkicks, where the winning design will feature in the SS20 Deuce range. The winner will also receive two pairs to keep! Designing your own #customkicks is

Did you know that Spotlight has an array of painting tutorials on their website, and there's something for everyone? We love their Abstract Painting tutorial as we can choose our favourite colours, and we'll treasure it for a long time. The end result also makes

The Galley's Tracey Sunderland shares her sourdough starter and bread recipe. Digestive problems are on the rise, and breads made with a longer fermentation, like sourdough, are more easily digested. SOURDOUGH STARTER Method Take a large jar or bowl. Add one cup of plain flour, then

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