Four Simple Hacks for Plastic Free July

We all know plastic is bad for our environment, but we can’t seem to get away from it. It’s everywhere we look, from in the grocery store to items in our bathroom. Society has embraced reusable cups and bags and metal straws, so what’s next?

Here are some tips and tricks on swapping non-biodegradable plastics for more sustainable alternatives.

Refill Grocery Shopping

The grocery store is filled to the brim with plastic packaging that sometimes can never be recycled. In recent years, innovative stores have come up with the idea of refill grocery stores, inviting customers to bring in their recyclable packages, like glass jars and rather than buying single packaged items, customers can fill up to their desirable amount.

This sustainable way of shopping is a great start to waste-free shopping as it encourages conscious choices for eco-friendly packaging in our daily lives. Through refill shopping, we are saving hundreds of thousands of plastic packaging ending up in our landfills.

Refill grocery stores can be found all over the country. Check out this list for your nearest one.

Lush Naked Shower Gel

Lush has released ‘naked’ shower gel, minus the plastic packaging. Being an ethical and vegetarian brand, Lush has been working hard to bring awareness to plastic pollution, and reducing their plastic packaging for eco-friendly alternatives.

The shower gel is full of goodness, available in a variety of divine scents, and its design is inspired by plastic-free packaging.

Ethique Deodorant

The cosmetics industry heavily relies on plastic. 100% plastic-free brand Ethique is aiming to create a new norm of plastic-free packaging in response to the detrimental effects of plastic to our ecosystem.

Ethique’s solid deodorant is available in 3 different fantastic smelling flavours. With only 9% of all plastics in the world being recycled, this deodorant makes it easy to ditch plastic.

Bakery Bread

The delicious and fresh bread made in the early hours of the morning at a bakery is a good alternative to packaged bread found in the supermarket.

You can opt to put your bread in a reusable bread bag, and most bakeries will provide a paper bag, which can be recycled, composted, or used in a worm farm. And even better, you know your bread has been freshly made!

Ultimately, Plastic Free July is a reminder that by reducing our use of plastic, we are creating a positive impact for the future of our earth. We hope you enjoy these simple tips for plastic-free living!

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