5 ‘connected’ fitness brands that are revolutionising home workouts

Pictured: Vitruvian’s V-Form Trainer

Connected fitness is a market that has been growing over the past few years, but 2020 saw it rise in leaps and bounds as consumers started to see the benefits in terms of user engagement, connectivity to the community and of course the results.

And in 2021, revenue in apps and wearables for fitness in the United States is predicted to reach US $21, 859 million.

There have never been so many innovative devices available to cater to the tastes of the markets who both love fitness and love tech. We thought we would take a look at some of the companies who have intrigued us the most:


An exciting start-up hailing from Australia, Vitruvian managed to raise $2.5 million USD in capital during the global pandemic. Its founder is Perth-based father of three Jon Gregory, a former high frequency trader whose experience with algorithm-building is the foundation of the V-Form Trainer’s offering. Gregory came up withe concept for the V-Form Trainer ten years ago, and has been testing it ever since.

Their V-Form Trainer is a clever and safe way to train at home. The trainer uses responsive and adaptive algorithms that ensure you are training in a better, more effective way. You can train on your own or connect with your PT, and the V-Form Trainer measures and logs your progress so you can continue to improve.

The V-Form Trainer is a connected fitness device that unlocks engaging and sophisticated resistance training programs through the use of motorised resistance. 

Driven by intelligent algorithmic technology, the device does away with static weight entirely, rather, it modifies weight loading between 7kg and 180kg to match the user’s ability as they lift across a range of curated classes and workouts.

It even loads and unloads the ideal resistance at the perfect time in each rep. There are so many ways the user can move and exercise using this device.  

The Vitruvian V-Form Trainer in action


Peleton is the original device for connected fitness, bringing spin classes, and now treadmill classes to your home. You invest in either a specialised bike or treadmill, benefiting from on demand and live streamed classes.

Peleton started its journey back in 2012 with the aim of not only bringing immersive and challenging workouts into peoples lives, but making them accessible, affordable and efficient.

It uses tech and design to connect the world through fitness, while empowering members to be the best versions of themselves.

NordicTrack Rowing Machine

Aside from resistance training (the V-Form Trainer) and spin and running (Peleton), what about rowing?

the NordicTrack rowing machine is a rower with an HD touch screen installed that contains a large library of iFit workouts. It is suitable for beginners to advanced rowers, and is a great full body workout.

Workouts cover a variety of virtual conditions including indoors, outdoors, in a studio, or via a map-based workout. The tech automatically adjusts the resistance level to match the particular conditions.

The NordicTrack folds to make it easy to store, and is pretty quiet to use.


Mirror is a ‘nearly invisible home gym’, a genius concept given it’s a device that takes up space in your house. This innovative connected fitness device comes in the package of an elegantly designed mirror which blends seamlessly into your home. All you need is two feet of wall space to turn any room of your home into a gym.

From the mirror, you can stream your workouts and follow along. There are over 50 styles of workouts to choose from, ranging from 5-60 minutes and suitable for all levels so you can enjoy thousands of in-demand classes, plus live new classes every single week.

The mirror’s interactive tech and camera gets to know you over time, allowing the algorithm to deliver real-life feedback based on your goals and preferences for serious results.


Whoop is the new wearable that everyone is talking about. It is essentially a strap that collects physiological data 24/7 to provide you with an understanding of your body and how it works, from how hard you are working out to how you are recovering, how well you are sleeping and more.

You can join teams, add your friends into a group and customise your teams based on activities, interests, training groups and the like. It is a great way to not only track your progress and results, but also connect and challenge friends. 

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