Letter to Christchurch and NZ

A letter to the editor from Pakistan on Christchurch Genocide, Humanism and Jacinda Ardern.

The recent attack in Christchurch tormented the brain of international community. Voices of condemnation from around the world, no doubt, projected the narrative of peace as well as human sympathy. However, I am unable to find appropriate words to pay tribute to the national response of New Zealand. Especially, the response of Prime Minister of New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern – is above all. Her actions, conducts, emotions and steps within the short span of time won the hearts of Muslim community. That is the reason; in spite of killing of Pakistani people in the attack, families of victims, Pakistani media and people from all segments of life are appreciating Jacinda Ardern irrespective of religion or national identity. Even as Pakistani and human being, I feel proud of Jacinda Ardern. Her steps and responses are more humanistic and ethical than political because feeling pain of human beings is the universal aspect of every religion.

She along with her public built a comprehensive narrative against extremism and terrorism. She and her nation have become symbol of peace and humanism. World powers ought to learn from such responses to eradicate the evil of extremism by projecting the global interests rather than national. It is time to fade the face of negative nationalism to preserve humanism and peace.

Changezi Sandhu

University of the Punjab, & Youth Parliamentarian of Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan

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