Tips for finding your calm

Good readers share their tips for creating calm moments.

In issue 64 of Good we asked readers to share how they bring calm into their everyday. We received so many great tips, here are some them.

Some days I’d go to bed and still be ‘writing’ to-do lists for the next day in my head instead of winding down! I found what really helped me were three things – I joined the library and started reading before bed most nights. I also started going for walks before or after work. During my walks I listen to a podcast – a perfect way to tune out for a while. Current podcast I’m listening to is a great one called Your Dream Life by Kristina Karlsson of Kikki K. And, last but not least I started journaling – not in a strict layout or anything – it’s more jotting down notes, thoughts, dreams, things I’m grateful for, areas I’d like to work on. I try and make notes in my journal two to three times a week but mainly do it whenever I’m in the mood. It’s a really great way for me to calm down and find my balance.  Fay Clarke

I’ve been bringing calm into my life intentionally for two years now after being totally burned out. It’s been a process and continues to be! I started meditating daily and have now had the Calm app for those two years. It’s been a huge support. I also became part of the mindful community with Mindful In May last May. Such a beautiful initiative by Dr Elise Bialylew an Australian Dr and mindfulness expert. Mediation has changed my life and has become a worthwhile daily habit. The movement to calm, slow, mindful living is a global revolution and one I’m so grateful to be part of. Jane Toy

I’m not really one for new year resolutions but this year I decided that the word ‘serenity’ is something I really want to embrace in 2019. One way that I’m striving for a bit more serenity and calm (sometimes elusive in a house with a toddler and a pre-schooler) is trying to employ the one-minute rule (from Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project) – trying to do any small tasks that can be done in one minute or less, like putting away clothes, clearing the bench etc. And one of those tasks that I find really helpful in maintaining at least one serene space is trying to make the bed in the morning, making our bedroom a calm space, relatively devoid of toys (ha!), and meaning I can enjoy my pot plants and bird pictures on my wall.  Helen Dent

I find sitting down on a Sunday afternoon reading my next issue of Good makes me feel very calm! As a yoga studio owner and busy mum I’m a ‘rushing woman’! Also, so many of the mindfulness-based ‘keep calm’ tools are amazing, but if I am overflowing with work stress this can feel too close to home for me! I have had to think outside the box of meditation at times, so for me beach walks with my pug, a foot spa, or my trusty Shakti mat are go-to’s. Also I quite like to put my noise cancelling headphones on with my favourite tunes and wander the supermarket at a no-rush pace. Jennifer Allen

I work in the health industry where I am intentionally calm all shift to ensure clients and staff feel safe in the work environment through soft spoken communication and not rushing. So when I am home I have an intentional space by a set of sliding doors with a breeze and view, a good comfy retro chair, feet up and current book to read. This is my calm. I may only be in it a minute, as I am often requested by hubby or daughter. I sit for a short time looking outside or eyes closed, then pick up my book. And I don’t begrudge if my time is interrupted short. I know there’ll be a big chunk of time coming soon. Plus hubby has now got a chair in same area and appears to be developing his own calm place too!  Sara Berry

I take a book with me on my way to work every morning. So instead of already starting on emails, going through insta AGAIN I read inspiring books and magazines. At work I make myself at least once a day take a 10 to 15 min break with a cup of coffee and sit outside, when the weather allows, or in a quiet place to read some more. The added bonus is that I have gotten such wonderful comments from people passing by that it gives me interesting social interactions as well as a good feeling about myself. Tessa Hopman

My tip for bringing calm into my everyday life is to have a good Kanban board of things to do. Things I’m working on and things I’ve done. It makes me realise I’m in control amongst the chaos and I can slow down to focus. I also like to laugh about issues that arise and ask myself if it will matter in five years. Usually it doesn’t.  Holly Roberts

I bring calm into each day by being consciously affectionate – I give my husband and my puppy cuddles all evening to remind me to forget the ‘to do’ list and come into the present moment and relish in the simple gift of being surrounded by loved ones. Indianna Cosgriff

I usually need to engage in a doing type of activity (be it cooking, running, swimming, yoga, etc.) to get myself to a state of calm. I find that every so often I need to find new things to do because as soon as I get to a comfortable level of doing without thinking my mind goes to a thousand different places. I recently picked up some wool and needles and knitted myself a scarf. As I am all new to it, I had to pay attention to every stitch I made so it was a deeply calming experience. Will be holding on to those needles for some time.  Christina Totina

To bring calm into my life I firstly go through my diaries at the end of the day and tick off everything I’ve accomplished in the day, and ticked off everything I’ve paid off in the week (this takes away any stresses and makes me feel productive). I then set myself up with a candle in my bedroom, tidy my room, make sure my bed is made, I sit down with a cup of tea and I read my books (loving Lisa Messenger’s books atm!) and scroll through Instagram looking for inspiration for my new business I’m trying to launch this year. I wait for my boyfriend to get home from work each night and we cook dinner together and this 100 per cent brings calm into my life. Christine Wilson

I grab a coffee and Good magazine and chill out at a coffee shop. Reading through Good magazine getting inspired and forgetting about the external world.  Kelly Jack

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