Upfront with Jeuneora duo

Long-time friends Meg Falconer-Robinson and Monique Kaminski are the dynamic duo behind nutraceutical brand Jeuneora, which has just added hemp-based products to its range.

You have built a significant following with Jeuneora’s sustainably sourced marine collagen products. Why have you introduced hemp to the range?

Collagen is an animal by-product. We get asked if there’s vegan collagen around but there’s no such thing. Hemp is the best replacement for that we’ve found.

Jueneora has launched a Hemp Protein Powder and Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, plus a Renewing Face Oil made from cold pressed hemp seed and active botanicals for the skin. In your opinion, why is hemp such a great ingredient for health, beauty and food products?

It’s such a great alternative, especially to pea proteins or soy. And it’s yummy and easily digestible. Our oils are really good in porridge, and hemp protein with a little bit of honey and some nut milk – it’s so good. Also mixing it with a little LSA. And in smoothies it’s so delicious. Hemp ticks all of the boxes for us. It’s great for brain function, heart health, comparable to fish oil, it’s a super food. We are proud to be able to educate people on hemp and what it’s about.

Why is hemp good for the soil?

It grows like a weed, so it doesn’t strip the soil of any nutrients which make it a perfect crop. Once the plants have been harvested every piece of the plant is used for oil, for hemp hearts, seeds and the hemp protein powder, hemp flour as well. It’s used in its entirety and the land is just the same as before, which is pretty amazing. It requires minimal irrigation as well, so it’s great for farms. If we could start doing that instead of dairy farming as much it could be amazing.

With the testing of the hemp and in terms of it being an alternative to collagen, how does that work?

That’s more because of what it’s made up of. Omega 3 and 6 lynolic acid. It’s more because of the nutritional benefit, and gut health which has an effect on your skin, and with those beautiful fatty acids they’re great for hair skin and nails. And very safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding although we still tell people to check.

Where do you source the hemp for Jeuneora products?

Ashburton in the South Island. Hemp is taking off internationally because it’s a beautiful, complete, plant-based food. We bought the whole Ashburton supply before it was approved for use by the MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries). When that came through on November 12, 2018 we had already bought all that we could and therefore were able to offer it to people quickly. Our factory in Ashburton is non-GMO and uses cold processing methods so they don’t use heat or chemicals to extract what they need. And same with the oil – it’s cold pressed like a really good quality extra virgin olive oil.

In a market-leading move to further promote sustainability, Jeuneora has also partnered with TerraCycle to launch a free recycling programme that makes Jeuneora products nationally recyclable.

Through the Jeuneora Recycling Programme, New Zealanders can now collect and ship all their powder pots, including labels, and scoops free-of-charge to TerraCycle, who will shred, wash and melt them down into raw materials to be used as an alternative to virgin plastic.

Additionally, by recycling in the programme collectors earn $1 for every kilogram of waste recycled toward their nominated New Zealand school or charity. 

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