Beating the odds with garlic

How taking an aged garlic supplement can lower your blood pressure – and risk of contracting heart disease

Words and interview Natalie Cyra. Video by Ben Whorwood, ICG Media

Heart disease is the single biggest killer of women in New Zealand, claiming more than 3000 mothers, sisters and daughters annually. But what if reducing our risk of heart disease – besides exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, could be as simple as adding a garlic supplement to our everyday regime?

Well, it can be, and this is the message Dr Karin Ried, Director of Research at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Australia, is trying so hard to spread, having recently visited our shores to share her new research and expert knowledge on heart disease. Ried, who is also a research fellow in Primary Health Care at the University of Adelaide, with a special interest in cardiovascular health, says she has always been interested in nutritional medicine and how nutrients affect the human body. “I combined this interest with the opportunity to do some applied clinical research. I was interested in blood pressure and heart health and what nutrients may affect these,” she says. 

Check out the video below to see how aged garlic extract has powerful properties that help with lowering blood pressure (one of the biggest contributors to heart disease) and repairing arterial stiffness. 


For more on Kyolic aged garlic extract, see the May/June 2018 issue of Good magazine, out now.

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