Allbirds surprises with new underwear range

Today Allbirds launched a new underwear range for men and women – available in the Bralette, Brief, Shortie and Thong in a variety of beautiful colourways.

Allbirds is bringing awareness to the fact that our intimates should be made from nature. 99% of cotton is grown using 16% of the world’s pesticides, and virgin nylon is made from petroleum. So, why do we keep putting such dirty materials so close to our most intimate areas?

And with the recent launch of Allbirds’ socks, made from their Trino™ material which combines cooling and breathable Eucalyptus Tree material with a touch of super-soft New Zealand merino wool, why wouldn’t you extend this concept to underwear with a few tweaks here and there?

Trino Bralette and Trino Shortie in Aloe

It may seem random to go from shoes to underwear, but when you consider what the Allbirds brand stands for, it makes perfect sense. Allbirds was always going to do more than selling stylish shoes off the rack. It is presently working towards carbon-neutrality and is also known for its collaborative leadership in the footwear industry, making its innovations available to others to spur industry-wide change.

Allbirds Sustainability Manager Hana Kajimura explains “we started with shoes because it wa a huge, old fashioned industry that emits over 700M tonnes of CO2 into the atomsphere every year, and we thought there was an opportunity to bring a new level of innovation and sustainability to the space. But our ethos is to create better things in a better way – that doesn’t just extend to footwear.”

Hana Kajimura

Sticking to these brand values hasn’t been an easy road. Some materials take a few years to develop, like the SweetFoam soles made from sustainably-sourced sugarcane. “The footwear industry has been reliant on cheap synthetics for decades, so it’s incredibly challenging to source, test, and manufacture shoes using these renewable materials”, Hana explains.

Because consumers value performance as well as sustainability, the challenge is even greater. Hana says “it’s hard to overstate how unusual it is to make a performance product with nature-based hero materials – nearly every running shoe on the market is made of plastic. That’s why it took us more than two years to get the Dashers right. Our team of experts were relentless in refining the fit, biomechanics, and material make up to ensure optimal performance”.

Allbirds has also partnered with Adidas on a mission to create a sports performance shoe with the lowest carbon footprint ever recorded.

With shoes, socks, a collaboration with Adidas and now underwear, we’re excited to see what the brand comes up with next.

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