Bar fridge makeover

Bar fridge makeover

An old bar fridge gets souped up with wheels and shiny new paint job, ready for a summer of fun 

By Sarah Heeringa

You will need: 

  • An old fridge in working order
  • Light grade sandpaper
  • Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer 
  • Resene Enamacryl gloss enamel in a shade of your choice
  • Medium-sized paint brushes
  • Mini roller
  • Stick-on vinyl and a craft knife
  • 4x caster wheels 
  • Screws, screw-driver and drill 
  • 2x stick on plastic hooks 
  • Corflute offcut and Velcro dots (optional) 

Step one  

Lightly sand the entire paintable surface. Clean off any dust or debris and apply a light coat of Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer, including on rubber seals. Allow to dry. 

Step two 

Paint a base colour using Resene Waterborne enamel in a shade of your choice. I used Resene Kakapo for an intense green. matched with Resene Dali for the door. Use a mini roller where possible for a smooth paint finish. Allow to dry. 

Step three 

For extra detailing, make stencils using stick-on vinyl (a similar product to what you use to cover school books). Use a mini roller to paint over areas in a contrasting shade. I used Resene Chill Out for details and for the fridge handle. Peel off the stencils when the paint is tacky but not completely dry. use a small paintbrush and damp cloth to tidy any edges. 

Step four 

Turn the fridge upside down and use screws (and if necessary a drill with a small drill bit) to attach swiveling caster wheels. Take care to attach these without puncturing the fridge unit! 

Step five 

Tidy up the back of the fridge by cutting a piece of corflute to size and attaching it using Velcro dots. (Ask your local Real Estate for old corflute signs.) 

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