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Buying a bra is not every woman’s favourite thing to do but Berlei’s UnderState range is something to get excited about.

With a focus on ensuring inclusivity for a variety of shapes, sizes and ages, Berlei has extended its size curve through the introduction of the UnderState Non-Contour style, which is available from a D cup up to a G cup, and caters to women who want support without the added bulk of a contour cup.

“UnderState is about understanding and supporting women of various breast dimensions, not just size. With a mix of styles, there is a bra to suit the needs of most women including different breast shapes, breast tissue firmness and different life stages,” says Berlei head designer Karlene Simring.

New Non-Contour key fit factors:

Designed to mould and flatter your natural shape

Stitch-free neckline eliminates lines under clothing

Light and supportive inner cup provides control and uplift

Provides support without the added bulk of a contour cup

Perfect for fuller busts; available up to a G cup

Top bra fit and care tips:

  • The correct bra size is most important. Bra should easily do up on middle hood with no spillage over sides. Fastening on the middle hook allows wearer to let out when feels tight (usually in afternoons) and tighten as bra stretches over time.
  • When putting bra on, bend over so breasts fit well into cup, then straighten and further pull breasts into cup for comfy fit. Will two fingers spread the breasts from the middle so no excess flesh in middle between breasts. Creates a nice cleavage.
  • Straps should always be tightened and adjusted to allow two fingers to fit under strap on the shoulder. Straps notoriously slide down, so they need to be adjusted regularly.
  • To care for bras, underwires included. Hand washing is best but if machine wash (as I do) always fasten bras and pop in a laundry bag. By fastening them prior to washing, this will lessen chances of underwires breaking or popping out.
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