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Best of Natural Awards

Are you a natural winner? Enter the 2020 Best of Natural Awards and find out!

We want to champion the best natural products and celebrate those with the highest quality, ingredient, ethical and environmental standards. Those brands who are striving to do good things for people and the planet.

The awards categories cover clean beauty, eco living, natural health and nutrition. Our panel of expert judges will personally test each product, selecting (and rewarding) the very best. They’ll award points for quality, ingredients, performance, ethics, creativity, ingenuity, sustainability and socially responsible business practices. In other words, the best of all the stuff that matters.

  • So send us a sample, and tell us your story.
  • Show us how you made it, and why it matters.
  • Share the inspiration for your product and describe how you went about getting started.
  • Then tell us why you deserve to win!

This is an opportunity not to be missed to elevate your brand and awareness with thousands of Kiwi consumers. The winner for each award category will receive extensive coverage for their coveted status of being ‘the best in natural’, reaching over 350,000 conscious consumers through the combined databases of Good Magazine and HealthPost, including:

  • Print reach Good Magazine
  • Digital reach Good Magazine
  • Print reach HealthPost (Healthy Posting)
  • Digital reach HealthPost

So if you’ve got the best natural product that you’re proud of, we want to hear about it.

And, we want to try it.

Naturally, we’re pretty excited.

Target audience:

Premium female, 25 – 45 years, New Zealanders

Winners will be showcased editorially in Good magazine and promoted on Good and HealthPost’s digital platforms.

The Best of Natural Awards will be judged on a combination of ingredients, ethics, performance, creativity, ingenuity, sustainability and socially responsible business practices. In other words, the best of all the stuff that matters.

All entries to Good’s Best of Natural Awards brought to you by HealthPost must meet the Better Choices criteria as defined by HealthPost.

All brand’s products entered into the Best of Natural Awards must not be tested on animals, they must be cruelty-free and they can’t include any of the following red list ingredients.

See the full list of red list ingredients

If your product range aligns with this criteria, you’re ready to enter Best of Natural Awards.

Applications close Friday 31st January, 2020.


Meet the Best of Natural Awards judges  


 Liz McNamara  
Natural Health Expert for HealthPost, The Better Company 

A registered Naturopath and Herbalist with more than 16 years of experience in natural health, Liz is the President of the Naturopaths & Medicals Herbalists New Zealand and has worked in the commercial sector contributing holistically, and in education as a tutor. Liz is passionate about supporting people to make small but powerful changes in their lives to support their wellbeing and has done so from a platform of clinical practice, radio, and written media. Liz is passionate about clean ingredients and is the creator of the HealthPost Red List, which lists ingredients that are proven to have a negative impact on the health of people or the environment. Working with the range curation team at HealthPost, Liz has the final say on products that are stocked or not.


Belinda Nash
Health and wellbeing writer  

Belinda is an award-winning writer and content creator with more than 25 years experience in the media and communications industries. In 2015 she won Blogger of the Year Award and the e’s Choice Award at the SMCAKL Social Media Awards for iconic, popular blognzgirl.co.nz. Belinda is a passionate advocate for elevating the health and wellbeing of people and the environment. She has set herself apart as a writer since 2017 by focusing her writing on sustainability in fashion and beauty, in particular. In her work, Belinda partners with world-changing entrepreneurs, brands and media that promise to do good for the planet. Belinda is a passionate and committed advocate for natural beauty and makeup, in particular homegrown Aotearoa brands.


Lucy Butler
Executive director of HealthPost, The Better Company

As the director of brand values for HealthPost, Lucy is proud of the high ethical standards her family’s business upholds.. With a background in academic work (PhD, University of Melbourne, 2010) Lucy’s strong research skills mean she looks beyond face value to determine what really constitutes a better choice in a complex and ever-changing world. Lucy is passionate about enabling more conscious consumption through providing the cleanest, most effective and mindfully created products possible. She strives to honour our drive to be better while embracing the inevitable imperfections along the way.

Alternatively, you can download the form here. Once completed, please email it through to our Best of Natural Project Manager, Deborah Taylor [email protected]

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