Bluebell aims high with organic Toddler Milk

After extensive research and production, Aotearoa Nutrients introduce Bluebell, an organic range of Toddler Milk produced and made in the heart of New Zealand.

Words Emily Bell

If you’re a parent you’ll know that once your child hits twelve months, there’s often a transitional period. No longer are they a tiny baby, but little explorers. It’s an important age of growth and development as your toddler becomes increasingly active and curious. It’s also at this life stage that the correct nutrition can be a vital aspect of healthy growth and development, so knowing the source and ingredients of what they are consuming is important.

Often mothers will choose to breastfeed so that baby can have optimal, natural nutrition. It’s a method recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and supported worldwide. But when breastfeeding isn’t always plain sailing and may prove difficult, this is where organic formula can offer a great alternative.

Bluebell are the first certified organic Toddler Milk to be manufactured and produced in New Zealand. After a year in development, they are now ready to release their high-quality product to the New Zealand market.

“We’re an entirely New Zealand manufactured organic range, so it’s pretty exciting,” General Manager of Aotearoa Nutrients Limited, Warren Hignett, explains.

Owned by Kiwi based Aotearoa Nutrients and produced in the heart of New Zealand, the Waikato, at their state-of-the-art facility, Bluebell’s range of Toddler Milks are products designed to assist natural, balanced nutrition for nourishment and healthy growth. For parents, the most important element of any formula is understanding where and how it’s been made. With carefully chosen branding representing New Zealand’s lush pastures, iconic mountain terrain, bird and plant life, being organic and natural is crucial to the brand. But what does organic certification mean?

“Organic is manufactured as naturally as possible in an environment that’s been classed as organic. It takes three years for a farm to get to this point and achieve assured quality certification,” Hignett confirms.

It’s a flourishing market, with organic baby food industry numbers expected to rise in years to come. It’s easy to see why, organic certification implies that a lot of time and work has been invested in the product. It’s gone through multiple rounds of testing before it hits supermarket shelves and it’s not simply the case of adding the word ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ to packaging. It’s about peace of mind.

Based on protein found in cow’s milk and free of nasties, Bluebell Toddler Milk is putting the health of toddlers first without jeopardising on beneficial ingredients.

“Added ingredients like GOS and FHA, as well as multiple vitamins can help with healthy brain and overall development. Using high-quality ingredients were vital when producing the Toddler Milk,” explains Hignett.

As part of their range, Bluebell have also included a goat milk toddler drink. Goat milk is quickly becoming a popular option in the New Zealand formula market; studies have shown that goat milk with fats, protein, vitamins and minerals is a naturally nutritious option for toddlers. As well as being natural, a key benefit of goat milk is that it supports healthy digestion.

Bluebell Toddler Milk will hit your local Foodstuffs supermarket shelves (New World, PaknSave, Four Square) from the second week of July.

Click here to find out more about Aoteoroa Nutrients and Bluebell Toddler Milk.

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