Never throw away your old jeans – recycle the denim for creating your interior accessories and even for some new fashion items. 

The cotton tea bag you can easily rinse, ready for next use. Supplies unbleached cotton scissors needle round wooden stick diameter 3mm, 12cm long brown and white sewing thread How to do

This DIY cotton coffee filter is easy to make and will look great in your home, while helping to reduce waste. Photography Louis Lemaire. DIY

This is what you need to help the environment: a crochet hook, cotton yarn and about three hours of TV. Words and photography: Magdalena Smolira What you'll

Use a few simple materials to craft this hot or cold aromatic neck bag and eye pillow. Craft and styling: Sarah Heeringa. Photography: Amanda Reelick Neck

Add some global flair with these garden accessories. craft and photography by Sarah Heeringa Concrete garden globes are easy to make using various upcycled glass items,

Turn basic curtains into something a lot more special. Words and photography: Sarah Heeringa Hanging fresh curtains is a great way to brighten up a room.

Alembics guides us through the process of making our own green citrus eau de cologne. As we move towards winter, plant growth is slowing, flowers