THIS ARTICLE IS PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH RESENE. Use paint and plants to create a bee-friendly corner. Styling, words and photography by Sarah Heeringa. Bees

Finding solace and purpose in the kitchen and garden. There’s something comforting about connecting with the earth, growing, then preparing your own food, and preserving. It’s

Meet Andres Villegas, Ella Rose Shnapp and Michel Sluysmans, three beekeepers who are in it for the love of bees. Each practises bee-first beekeeping,

Broaden your botanical horizons and expand your indoor gardening repertoire to include succulents and cacti – sculptural, striking and adapted to survive. Words Laurian Brown,

Looking at starting your own worm farm but not sure how to keep your composting worms happy? We’ve found the best and the worst

One of the many upsides of caring for native birds in our gardens means they will appear more frequently. Words Kahu de Beer Image silhouettes Getty Images.

For an enduring touch of holiday green, consider a tiny planted conifer rather than a cut juletrae. The saplings of species with unusual colours,

Your guide to growing a harmonious vegetable garden free from pests. Words Kahu de Beer. Artwork Lisa Lodge You know how there are certain people who

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