Celebrating Earth Day with La Luna Rose

Earth Day is recognised annually on 22 April. This year we spoke with La Luna Rose about how they’ll be celebrating the day and got some tips on how we can help the environment every day. 

Words Lara Wyatt

Reflecting on our planet’s environmental issues is something many of us incorporate into our daily lives. We consider the ways we can change our behaviour to help reduce our impact. But there’s one day each year that the whole world can pause and make these considerations.  

Earth Day has been celebrated around the world on 22 April since 1970. It’s a time to reflect and consider ways we can do our bit to help Mother Earth. The theme for 2019 is Protect our Species.  

In celebration of Earth Day, ethical accessories label La Luna Rose will be donating 100 per cent of their website sales made on 22 April to Sustainable Coastlines. La Luna Rose’s designer Rosie Shelton says she thinks Sustainable Coastlines are doing a fantastic job with sheer determination to reach their goals and save the planet. 

“They do everything from educating kids at schools through to beach clean-ups and dune protection. They are extremely transparent with how they work, where their money goes and their set goals. They’re an inspiring bunch who are very dedicated to their work,” Shelton says. 

La Luna Rose has designed a beautiful 5 Patron Saints collection, of which St Assisi – Patron Saint of Animals and the Environment features. After learning about St Francis of Assisi’s story, Shelton knew she wanted to include a pendant representing him. 

“The long and the short of it is that he lived at one with nature and all beings and treated a piece of plant or a worm the same way in which he treated the Pope. I think it’s such a beautiful undertone that we could all definitely appreciate and adapt more to protect our precious planet that was here well before we were.” 

And to make things even better, the silver and gold used to create these stunning necklaces is recycled. 

“Working with a material that is completely recyclable was super exciting for me and the obvious choice. If we over produce a style we simply melt it down and re-create it for the next season! We work with an incredible company that recycles silver and gold so it’s really easy for us to purchase the base materials.” 

To celebrate Earth Day, La Luna Rose have given us four wonderful tips for how we can do more to help the environment and protect our species. 

  1. Educate and learn! Kids, travellers, grandparents. Have the conversations that matter with everyone around you, especially when you’re travelling, and share positive knowledge. 
  2. Stop and think before you purchase anything packaged. Why is it packaged? Does it need to be packaged? Could I get this without the packaging somewhere else? Email the company to let them know your concerns (if any) with the packaging they use.  
  3. Support companies that are doing good. Companies that are paying more for biodegradable packaging or giving a percentage of their sales back to the planet. Those switching from plastic to paper. There are so many cool companies both big and small that are listening and doing good by our planet now. It’s simply not acceptable to be ignoring the big issue anymore.  
  4.  Buy less and buy quality. It’s the only way this planet is going to survive. 
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