Changing up your Winter Workout

We talk to trainer Sam Wood about whether we should change up our workout routine between Summer and Winter.

This is a really interesting question. Too often the answer is yes, simply because people often don’t work hard enough during Winter and then to need up the ante in Spring and Summer if they want to get the results they’re after. In reality, our body doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the weather. If we move and fuel the right way, no matter the month or season, our bodies will respond how we want them to. Though perhaps with slightly less of a tan.

However, I am all for having seasonal goals. Personally, I love warming up with a morning run in Winter and I see firsthand the explosion of home workouts during the colder months. This comes as no surprise as they are so convenient, effective and you don’t need to brave the cold.

It’s equally unsurprising that joggers and outdoor bootcamps pop up at every park and trail when the sun comes out in Spring & Summer. The key for everyone is to avoid big periods of hibernation where you lose momentum or go backwards. You should always have a goal or a why when it comes to your training to ensure you stay motivated and consistent.

To give that goal the best chance of success you should be SMART, it needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. It will keep you focused and give you the motivation you need, no matter the temperature.

So with all of that said, my advice this Winter is to build the foundation. Quality, consistent workouts with the objective of building, muscle strength and a strong cardio base so when the warmer weather hits you have the perfect springboard to take your fitness and physique to a whole new level and have your best Summer body yet.

For those of you loving your home workouts, try this 7 move, no-equipment HIIT workout, for the ultimate cardio endurance tester.

Do these exercises 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest in between each exercise. Once you’ve completed all exercises, rest for 1 minute. Repeat 3-4 times.

1. Burpees
2. Alternating Reverse Lunges
3. Shoulder Taps
4. Squat Jumps
5. Push-Ups
6. Commandos
7. Mountain Climbers

Sam Wood has over 20 years experience as a personal trainer and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts and media commentators in the health & fitness industry. Sam is the founder and personal trainer of 28, Australia’s #1 home fitness and nutrition program

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