Colours of Christmas: DIY Christmas Wreath

Photography Amanda Reelick


Create a circle of happiness this season.

Wreaths are a classic decoration for the final season of the year, for many good reasons. Wreaths are very aesthetically pleasing, and as we approach Christmas and the end of the year, their circular shapes remind us of all sorts of good things, such as the cycle of life, wholeness, continuity, focus and everlasting hope. Use Resene colours and wallpaper or upcycled paper to create your own beautiful and original paper wreaths.

You will need

· Resene testpots in colours of your choice, including from the Resene Metallics range · Testpot paintbrushes
· Thick cardboard (such as from a cardboard box) · A4 paper, medium thickness (use pre-printed office paper or brown paper grocery bags, flattened and cut into A4-sized squares)
· Heavily textured paper (we used Resene Wallpaper Collection RD0671)
· Large round bowls or platters in various sizes · Marker pen · Paper scissors
· Strong paper glue, such as PVA
· Silver thread · Strong tape


For base of wreath Using a marker pen and a bowl or platter mark thick cardboard with circles of a size to suit where you will hang your finished wreath. Cut out shapes.

For leaves Paint one or two A4 sheets of paper in each Resene colour of your choice. Allow to dry. Fold each sheet into quarters, cut along folded lines. Cut each quarter into thirds. Trim each piece of paper to create a basic leaf shape. Arrange into piles according to colour.

Assembly Drizzle the cardboard base with glue. Starting with the lightest or darkest leaves, arrange and glue them into place. Intersperse the colours and textures to create a gradient effect. Continue around the base until the cardboard is completely covered. If necessary, press flat. Once dry, cut thread to length and attach to the back using strong tape ready to hang.

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