ELEVATOR! A musical production

A love themed musical performed in a fast food restaurant during Wellington Fringe Festival.

STEW Productions presents their latest musical performance, ELEVATOR!

A cast of five, Brittany Meiklejohn, Dennis Eir Lim, Logan Delaney, April Boland and Lorenz Ravalo have written and produced the show with everyone stepping out of their comfort zones at some point.

The show is set in an elevator where characters come and go just like everyday life.

Audience members will see a mixture of funny and absurd situations that can happen in an elevator.

Cast member Dennis Eir Lim says that self-love is a prevalent theme in the show and that the love story between two characters always brings the absurd situations back to reality. “For us, ELEVATOR! is truly a labour of love and we hope that we can get that across in our performances,” says Eir Lim.

The show covers themes of love and LGBTQ+ while offering the performance in a fast food restaurant and asks the audience this, “what happens when loves blossoms in an elevator?”

ELEVATOR! involves original music, choreographed movement and emotionality.

The cast says they are excited to be performing in a fast food restaurant which is a big change from the developed theatre they are used to performing in. It does this by providing a bunch of opportunities to use the space and play with it in ways that are new and unseen.

“I’m excited for people to see it. It’s always exhilarating performing in front of an audience and I love working off that energy and channelling it into the performance so it’ll be awesome to see how people respond,” says cast member Brittany Meiklejohn.

Where: J&M’s Fast Foods, 21 Courtenay Place, Te Aro

When: Saturday March 7-15

Tickets: $15 adults $10 Concession from the Fringe Festival Website

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