Jason Shon Bennett

Inspirational speaker, book author and health researcher Jason Shon Bennett cured himself from bad health and chronic asthma with good food and nutrition. Watch his enlightening presentation here, where he shares some fantastic insights into the wealth of good health.

Dr Craig Reynolds

Holistic practitioner Dr Craig Reynolds of Orenda talks about the role of energy when dealing with trauma. Through his healing practice Orenda, he helps people reorganise how the body and mind move energy, respond to stress, and see trauma as a transformational gift. “The most simplest way to recover from your past and find freedom is to focus on a more compelling future,” says Reynolds.

Wendyl Nissen

Wendyl Nissen talks about her new book, A Natural Year, which focuses on getting back to basics, and living the good life in Hokianga with husband Paul and their brood of chickens. She talks frankly about anxiety and depression, and shares wellness techniques that have worked for her.

Alleviating Anxiety

Learn about the power of breath. Which foods and supplements are the best, plus ones to avoid. And how to recognise when anxiety is clouding our thinking, and ways to navigate that. Good editor Carolyn Enting chats with experts Sue Thompson, Ben Warren, and Rich Hackney about the best ways to deal with anxiety.

Parenting with Jacqlin Richards

Jacqlin Richards talks about her work as a parenting mentor and how she helps parents be okay with being parents. She talks about how to learn to parent your own inner child, and let go of the guilt. And how, by recognising parenting styles are patterns from the past can transform a child’s behaviour and increase everyone’s happiness.

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