Four Apps you never knew you needed

Today’s era is on the tech-savvy side, with hundreds and thousands of apps that can make our life easier. In our day and age, we are always constantly looking down at our phones, making apps the angels of this generation. So, here is our list of some apps that have made our lives a bit easier and will do so to yours.

Clue – Period Tracking

Clue is a period and ovulation tracking app created alongside health experts. The app allows you to track your period and ovulation while also recording your emotions, pains, cravings, energy and many more helpful insights. The easy to use app helps predict when your next period and fertile window is next and provides an analysis of your past and present cycles.

Female-led, Clue is aiming to normalise the flow of our body and give us a better understanding of our body. Clue is also working on giving essential and factual information about the basics such as our menstrual cycle, birth control, sex and important advice for the LGBTQIA community.

Lifesum – Health App

The journey to a healthy lifestyle can be hard to keep track of sometimes, but with Lifesum the digital self-care app that aids you in your health goal through better eating. With a plan for everyone or a customisable one, Lifesum gives you control on your path to your health journey.

Finding a plan fit for you is easy, with a never-ending number of plans to choose from, Lifesum gives you the opportunity to choose and customise according to your health goal necessities. Track your water intake, how many steps you have taken, calorie intake and hundreds of recipes, Lifesum is everything in one app, perfect for those who love efficiency.

Headspace – Meditation App

Life can get overwhelming and sometimes you just need a break to retreat and take a breather. With lockdown over, the rush back to work has got everyone forgetting the importance of resting. Headspace is an app of short guided meditation’s that can be done once a day anywhere and anytime.

With the goal to improve health and happiness, Headspace has proven to reduce stress and increase happiness by 16% in 10 days and improve focus by 14% in a month. Headspace caters to all needs from meditation for anxiety to anger and even sleep, with this app you can start on becoming a mindful person with a healthy sense of perspective.

Beauty Keeper – Beauty Products Expiration Tracker

Beauty Keeper | Manage your beauty products with style

When it comes to our beauty products, we tend to brush off and ignore the fact that they do expire. Expired beauty products can be detrimental as it can hold built up bacteria which can affect our skin that we work so hard to maintain or they just don’t work the same way they originally did. But it’s so hard to remember and keep track of the many products in our collection, however with Beauty Keeper, the app can remind you when your products will expire one month before.

With a database of hundreds of beauty products, Beauty Keeper can calculate how long the product is safe to use after opening all while keeping track of all your products in your makeup kit.

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