Scent-sational: creating an ambient and aromatic atmosphere at home

Creating beautiful and inviting spaces at home isn’t all about great interior design. Add ambience and elegance to your rooms with well thought-out, luxurious scents, that have the ability to lift the mood and wow whomever the visitor. 

Aromas have the ability to stimulate, brighten, comfort, and calm. Placing aromatherapy candles and diffusers around your home can alter the atmosphere of your spaces at home. We asked Brigid van Heerden, product manager at The Aromatherapy Company for her suggestions on making a start. 

The lounge room 

Your lounge is a place to kick your feet up and unwind at the end of the day. What candle scent might be good here? van Heerden suggests the relaxing aroma of Therapy Cocoa Vanilla & Cassia – a scent everyone will love and with its slightly sweet vanilla-ry scent. “It will just make you feel at home and cosy after a long day at work or play,” she says. Vanilla has long been known to have a relaxing, sedative-like scent, so it fits well in the room you’re unwinding and chilling out in. 

The kitchen

While there are already a ton of aromas that come out of the kitchen during the food preparation and cooking process every day, there are many scents you can add to evoke a feeling of cleanliness and heighten smells in the best way. van Heerden recommends The Aromatherapy Company’s Therapy Kitchen candle in Lemongrass, Lime & Bergamot – the amazing citrus scent covers cooking smells and makes you kitchen smell clean and fresh. 

The bedroom 

Your bedroom should evoke relaxing, romantic, luxurious and tranquil vibes – being an inviting place to retreat at the end of a long day. van Heerden says you can’t go past a favourite candle for The Aromatherapy Company customers – the Therapy Lavender and Chamomile candle. “These power oils are world renowned for helping you unwind and relax – preparing you for a good night’s sleep.” But always remember to blow your candle out before you nod off – candle safety!

The entrance way 

The entrance to you home can bring about the first impression of who you are and what your home says to visitors. Be sure to add inviting and welcoming scents here, such as those from Smith&Co.’s Tabac & Cedarwood candle. Says van Heerden, “this is a total trending unisex fragrance at the moment – having it in your entrance way gives a warm and inviting scent for all.” 

Outdoor spaces 

Don’t go without a citronella candle when it comes to outdoor lounging and entertaining. “Therapy Citronella with added essential orange oil not only looks trendy in its concrete foiled vessel but helps keep those pesky biting insects at bay, naturally. And it’s great for upcycling afterwards for a succulent plant,” says van Heerden. 

Candle care

Most of us can testify to having a candle that has pooled in the middle, or where the wick is as long as the candle itself… There are many things you should be aware of and action in order to get the best out of your candles. 

Getting started
Trim your wick to 0.5cm before burning. This will help prevent soot and extend the life of the candle. The initial burn must last till the wax pool meets the edge of the vessel – this helps prevent tunnelling. 

Trimming your wick
You can use scissors or a specialised wick trimmer, but no matter what you do, always trim your wick to ensure a cleaner, brighter burn. Trimmed wicks also keep your candles clean so you can avoid those ugly burnt rings around the jar/vessel and soot fall. Trim your wick every single time you use your candle. 

Burn time
It is recommended that you burn your candle three hours at a time, so that the melted wax is not too excessive, and that the glass does not get too hot. This also prevents the candle from dropping (also known as tunnelling) in the centre. 

Disposing of your candle
Dispose of your candle when 1cm of wax is remaining in the vessel, to prevent heat collecting in the base of the vessel from the wax along with potentially some foreign particles from the wick or air, whcih may damage the integrity of the vessel or create burn marks/ areas at the base of the vessel, or even on the surfaces on which the candle sits. 

Other candle care

  • When extinguishing the candle, make sure it is completely out and the wick ember is no longer glowing.
  • Wait a while before transporting it anywhere as it may be very hot to touch. 
  • Never use water to extinguish a candle. Water can cause the hot wax to splatter and might break a glass container.

Choosing your scents

Here are some more essential oil aromas that come with a plethora of benefits:

Lavender known for calming the nervous system lowering heart rates, this is a great scent promoting a relaxing, serene atmosphere.
Frankincense Helpful for reducing mental agitation and worry, this is a great scent to incorporate into your bedroom, and may help if you lie away with worry at times.  .
Sandalwood an exotic, woody scent that creates a calm, yet inspiring atmosphere.
Bergamot boasts a unique, citrus aroma that lifts and brightens any space. 
Rose has a lovely, floral fragrance that is spirit uplifting and helps to calm anxiety, stress, and grief.
Jasmine is a sweet, floral, romantic scent that encourages intimacy.
Lemon is revitalizing; it clears the mind and elevates mood.
Spearmint gently stimulating and good for relieving exhaustion.
Eucalyptus is freshening and purifying; it eliminates negativity and is great if you’re fighting winter ills and chills! 

For more on heavenly aromas and candle and diffuser care, visit thearomatherapycompany.co.nz

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