Get a taste of Chicken Soup from around the world

A Book Review of The Chicken Soup Manifesto by Jenn Louis.

The kitchen’s warmest dish, chicken soup, is being celebrated in its own book by Jenn Louis.

The heart-warming dish of chicken soup is used across the world by many cultures and is the ultimate gesture of love. Over 100 recipes in the book are inspired by and taken from Western Europe to North Africa, and the book itself is categorised by region and country.

This recipe book is basically your bible to all the essentials of chicken soup, including making it a little more spicier.

Jenn Louis also gives you the run-down on kitchen necessities like finding the perfect pot to get the best flavour and tips and tricks to get the most out of your chicken.

And believe it or not, chicken soup is not just for when you’re sick. There’s a dish for every taste palette. You can have your chicken soup spicy with Nepal’s Thukpa or full of umami with Puerto Rico’s Asopao de Pollo. There’s even the Pho Ga from Vietnam to get that authentic and rich broth flavour you can only find at restaurants, or the Armenian dish of Spas which adds yoghurt to the mix for a beautiful texture.

When you’re done with the chicken, Louis gives you advice on how to not have any waste, including making chicken stock from bones or schmaltz with the fat. You can keep the schmaltz for later to cook potatoes, sear steaks, or use again for your next batch of soup!

The Chicken Soup Manifesto
Jenn Louis
Hardie Grant Books
RRP: $47

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