Get going with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Good’s Digital Editor, Lara Wyatt, gave the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active a whirl.

Words Lara Wyatt

Winter is my hibernation time. I love my dressing gown, slippers and to knit in front of the TV. You’d think this would mean I was a pretty calm person. Well, the first thing I checked when I put on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was my stress levels, and sitting at my desk at work that day, the arrow on the stress dial was very high. It prompted me to run through some breathing exercises, and that arrow went from red to blue in just six breaths. That was the moment I fell in love with the Samsung Active Watch, and here’s the journey we’ve been on over the last few weeks.

Syncing the watch to my Samsung mobile was a very straightforward process. As soon as it was synced the benefits were seen straight away. The fact that I no longer had to take my phone everywhere with me, and still be able to track how many steps I was taking in a day is something I’ve been wanting for so long. All those trips to the printer or to the bathroom without my phone meant my steps weren’t counted, but now, every single step was calculated. This also indicated the importance of my lunchtime strolls. Without them, sometimes I’d get to 3pm with only 2000 steps on the watch. 

The next great feature I love is the sleep monitoring. It was really interesting to see how much sleep I was getting each night, as well as the quality of sleep I was getting. I’ve learned I’m quite a light sleeper, and I wake up quite often throughout the night without even realising. Very interesting.

It’s also a great device to wear at the gym. You can track your heart rate, see if you’re working out in the right heart rate space, as well as being able to control the music you’re listening to without having to keep pulling your phone out and changing the tracks. Thanks to the great Bixby integration, you can even talk to your watch to give it demands instead of having to touch the interface all the time.

On a superficial level — the watch looks great! I’ve changed my interface to feature a pretty white daisy, and the actual watch style is so sleek and simple that it goes with any outfit I choose to wear. 

If you’re looking for a watch that takes into account, not just your exercise, but also your stress levels, sleeping patterns, water intake plus so much more, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the one for you.


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