Good’s Plastic Free July Challenge

Keen to tackle Plastic Free July, but not quite sure where to start? Give Good‘s Plastic Free July Challenge a go, and chip away at making small changes to reduce the plastic in your life by the end of July!

Words Lara Wyatt

Every day, try introduce a new way to remove plastic from your life by following our list of daily tips. We’ll be sharing one of these tips every day over on our Facebook and Instagram, so if you’d like the daily reminder, be sure to follow @goodmagazinenz on Instagram and @goodmag on Facebook.

  1. Take your reusable bags to the supermarket
  2. Say no to plastic straws
  3. Get your coffee in a reusable cup
  4. Choose plastic-free fibres like cotton, wool or hemp
  5. Get a reusable water bottle
  6. Use bulk bins
  7. Find toilet paper that doesn’t come in plastic
  8. Take a container for your lunch
  9. Use beeswax/vegan wrap instead of plastic wrap
  10. Avoid plastic Christmas trees
  11. Go paperless with your bills
  12. Look for pet food in paper bags
  13. Buy seeds or seedlings that don’t come in plastic
  14. Buy products that come in glass or cardboard instead
  15. Repair or upcycle broken items
  16. Line your bin with newspaper
  17. Make your period waste-free
  18. Look for shampoo and conditioner bars
  19. Wooden/bamboo toothbrushes, dish brushes and hair brushes
  20. Take your own container for meat and deli items 
  21. Buy fresh bread in paper bags (or take your own bag)
  22. Stop chewing gum
  23. Use wooden clothes pegs
  24. Look at alternatives to gift wrap
  25. Get an ice cream cone instead of ice cream in a cup
  26. Use reusable make-up remover pads
  27. Go to your local farmers market 
  28. Avoid products with “polypropylene” or “polyethylene”
  29. Use matches instead of a lighter
  30. Make your own sparkling water — flavour it with cordials from glass bottles
  31. Organise a beach clean-up

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