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Keep your home – and your loved ones – warm and dry this winter with these sustainable, energy-efficient solutions.

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Sustainable living starts at home. When your home is warm, dry and energy-efficient you will be healthier and use fewer resources – which is good for the planet and for your pocket. The three golden rules for creating a healthy home are keeping it warm, dry and well-aired, using insulation, heating and ventilation. Here, we bring you advice and products incorporating the latest technology to help keep you and your family warm and cosy this winter.    

Atlantic radiant heater
The Atlantic Tatou radiant heater is stylish and highly energy efficient, with in-built technologies so temperatures are easy to control.  Delivery or store collection from $550.

The Showerdome captures moisture, creating a drier room and a healthier home. No steam means a clear mirror, no condensation, no wet walls or ceilings, and no mould or mildew. From $492 installed.

Heat pumps
Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient form of home heating, cooling and air filtering. Sustainability Trust supplies and installs Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Panasonic single room units from $2000.

Ducted heat pump system 
The most flexible full home heating, cooling and air filtering system on the market. Sustainability Trust supplies and installs Fujitsu and Panasonic ducted systems from $6899.

Door snake
A quick fix for preventing draughts around doors. These double-sided snakes don’t need to be repositioned every time you open the door. Each snake is made to order from recycled curtain material and insulation off-cuts. $26. 

Ground vapour barrier 
Protects against rising damp and mould, making homes drier and easier to heat. This thick polythene sheet prevents up to 35 litres of water a day being released from exposed soil under the house. Available as a DIY kit ($170) or supply and install from $10.50 sqm.

Underfloor insulation
Prevents up to 20% of a home’s heat and energy being lost through the underfloor, and can block draughts. GreenStuf polyester underfloor insulation is long-lasting and moisture-resistant. Made from up to 45% recycled materials. Supply and install from $22 sqm. 

The easy, fast way to collect window condensation. Simply push the Scoopy up the window and collect the condensation in the handle.  Collected water can be easily poured into a pot plant. $29.90.

Ceiling insulation
Prevents up to 35% of a home’s heat and energy being lost through the ceiling. GreenStuf polyester ceiling insulation is long-lasting, moisture-resistant and made from up to 45% recycled materials. Supply and install from $23 sqm.

V profile weather strip
Save energy, money and stay warm with Stormguard’s self-adhesive draught excluder. The v-tape expands to fill gaps of up to 6mm around windows and doors. Brown and white available. $15 per 5m roll. 

Sustainability Trust provides advice and sells products which result in drier, healthier homes and reduce impact on the environment. All profits are invested in award-winning community programmes that empower everyone to live more sustainably.

Shop online or instore sustaintrust.org.nz EcoCentre, Forresters Lane (off Tory St), Wellington. Open Mon-Sat, 9.30am-4.30pm.

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