How sustainable is San Francisco?

Very. Kiwi Kate has just moved to America’s eco-city, where she lives with her American partner Ray. Their fortnightly blog will explore the sustainable life in San Francisco—and perhaps give us some ideas to try out here in Enzed. Introducing new Good bloggers, Kate and Ray …

Very. That’s what we’re here to explain and explore. Ray is a long-standing San Francisco resident and Kate has just moved from New Zealand to be with Ray. In this blog we’ll explore the lifestyle here in all its ‘green-ness’.

Where New Zealand typically gets by on ‘being green by default’, San Francisco has a harder time: it has a much larger population for a city than Kiwis are used to (over 800,000 residents), so has a much larger footprint that it needs to work harder to reduce.

Scale can also work positively for the city, however. For example, a single dairy brand here can run a glass bottle trade-in scheme from corner stores across the city, and make it economically viable.

San Francisco also has the fortune of being in California. The climate is ideal for farming and multiple growing seasons fit into a year. Local food of many varieties is not as scarce as it is across much of the rest of the country.

A new government means interesting changes are afoot, and Governor Schwarzenegger’s California will now be an example for the nation rather than a lone voice in the fight against climate change.

Join us as we explore the difference between Safeway and the local corner store; organic versus local; veggie and meat box programmes; public transport; and all manner of lifestyle choices.

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