How to connect with feminine energy

Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

You may have heard of ‘the uprising of the feminine’.

It seems to be the narrative amongst the new scriptures, aka social media. But what is this feminine way?

It’s not just about dancing to a Beyoncé song, or witches chanting around a campfire – although that sounds fun! It’s deeper than that. No matter your sex – no matter whether you identify as a woman or a man, or neither – we all have this feminine (or yin) energy within us that needs to be expressed in order to stay balanced and well.

Feminine energy is about natural flow. It’s about creativity, sensuality, gathering, manifesting, intuition and nurturing. The ability to use these qualities hasn’t always been at the forefront of leadership, nor used in business plans, nor present in school curriculums in the western world.

Over generations, we moulded ourselves to a masculine structure due to society’s need to shape a controllable order. Our expression was gagged from an early age, and we were told we were good when we were quiet. Why? Because agreeable was easier as it didn’t alter the status quo. The wild ones? Too difficult. Over time, our intuitions have been ignored. We weren’t listening to them and instead used logic as our guide. In order to be successful in the corporate world, we had to be driven and often put aside our home life, creativity, or our sensuality to climb the ladder.

Many carry wounds from their childhood, which makes it difficult to trust being in a feminine state of flow. They may not feel safe in it and feel like they can’t have faith in the unknown due to past experiences of instability creating insecure situations. So instead they overcompensate with a strong masculine state – striving to create their opportunities. They may also push their emotions down and get on with the task at hand without honouring their need for authentic expression – they may lack compassion and empathy.

Many don’t know how to act around feminine emotion, which can come with a full-body rush of powerful energy. This can frighten the mind’s need for stability, logic and solution. Feminine expression has often been labelled as ‘emotionally unstable’ or ‘crazy’ for showing emotion. Yet, with the chaos comes natural healing – a heart-opening. If we can sit through it without the need to fix anything, there’s this powerful resolution – inner wisdom that shines in the space after emotional expression.

When we’re connected to our authentic feminine we are magicians of manifesting the people and resources we need – in our true nature lies the magic to infinitely create opportunities for ourselves, but more importantly for our community.

The feminine is the weaver of community. It gathers the crowds and nurtures the relationships in its appealing nest. Think of the people in your community with the ability to weave others together through their warmth and wisdom, they have the ability to connect to their true feminine power.

The intuitive wisdom of the feminine is to know the next move is within us if we learn to listen to our body’s inner knowing. We will always be guided towards the next step because in that inner world we are connected to the true power of Gaia and the universe. That power is unstoppable.

It’s a very ancient way of being, yet right now it seems new.

Activities to get you into your feminine:

• Dance, create art, sing

• Spend time in nature, or be near or in water

• Have a daily spiritual practice

• Connect with the community or start a new community

• Talk about feelings – ask others how they feel and empathise.

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