How to spring clean your kitchen

With the arrival of spring, the chill of winter is on its way out and the flowers are blooming. The change of season and warmer weather is a great transition for a fresh start and a clean up around the house.

Words Katie Kuo

Finding time to clean up can be a therapeutic process, as decluttering and tidying up our spaces can have huge benefits for our mind and environment. Here are some of our tips for cleaning up your kitchen. 

Start with specific sections within your kitchen, as it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin. Here are some sections to break your kitchen spring clean into. 

Stacking up containers

This also goes for other similar objects, such as knives, chopping boards, cutlery, jars and reusable shopping bags. Organise them into their designated areas, and keep them neatly together. Pots and pans can be stacked neatly with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. 


The microwave can sometimes get food scraps stuck to the surfaces over time. Wipe down the microwave inside and out. You can also use a toothbrush to get into any corners or difficult surfaces. 


Remove everything from inside the fridge and give the interior shelves and the outside a good scrub and wipe down. Remove any empty containers, and foods that are expired, stale or have been sitting around and won’t be eaten. On a side note: if you have unused items from the pantry, such as canned items and spreads, fill a box with products that can be donated. 

Remove rubbish

Take out the rubbish, take food scraps to the compost bin and give the bin a good scrub inside and out. The bin often gets neglected on the clean-up list during the year. You can spritz the bin with essential oils for a fresh smell if odour is building up. 

Oven and stove 

Naturally, the oven can often become a space filled with spills and splatters. The level of cleanliness of the oven will depend on how frequently it’s used. Use a suitable cleaning product to wipe down the inside and outside of the oven. A tip is to use baking powder and a little bit of vinegar, as it helps remove tough stains. 

Kitchen sink

Wash dirty dishes, dry them and put them away. Clean the drains and garbage disposal to prevent any smells accumulating. To keep the sink area uncluttered, use small trays to hold the soap, sponges and brushes. 

Bench surface

Wipe down the bench surfaces with a kitchen cleaner or warm soapy water. If your bench surface is granite or marble, use a glass cleaner to maintain the shine. Wipe down the appliances sitting on the bench, and remove any that are rarely or no longer used. Other surfaces to wipe down include the walls and the window.

Kitchen cabinets

Build-up can collect on the kitchen cabinets over time. Wipe it down to remove dust and grease. By clearing all the items in the pantry, you can also remove expired items and place like items together. If there are any kitchen utensils that are no longer needed, donate tableware, appliances and utensils that are in good condition. Let go of items that are no longer needed or used, as they will take up space. Place the newest items in the back, and the older items in the front. A tip for keeping moths at bay is to place dried bay leaves inside the pantry.

Sweep and vacuum 

Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove all the particles. Make sure to reach the areas and corners that may be covered, like underneath the cabinets or tables. Vacuum if needed, and wipe down any food stuck on the surface of the floor. The floors should ideally be cleaned weekly, however the annual clean can be a good time to scrub away any tough-to-remove spots, and reapply any wax if needed.

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