How We Can Protect the Ocean: World Oceans Day

Today is The United Nations World Oceans Day. It’s a reminder that we need to care for the ocean, a precious resource which benefits us all. 

Why we need the ocean

The ocean covers 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface, producing more than half of the oxygen we breathe. The ocean absorbs more carbon dioxide than the Earth’s atmosphere and helps to regulate our climate and weather patterns. 

There are around one million animal species that live in the ocean, and the sea provides a sixth of the animal protein humans consume.

Unfortunately, a large amount of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, negatively impacting this precious resource and the animals which call it home. 

6 ways to protect the ocean 

  • Pick up rubbish on the beach and by waterways. 
  • Think about the plastic you consume and how much of this is going to waste. Try and swap to plastic-free alternatives. 
  • Use eco-friendly tour operators when going on boats, cruises, and partaking in marine activities like snorkelling. Also, look for operators that give back to conservation efforts. 
  • If you consume seafood, purchase sustainably sourced products that do not deplete the ocean’s resources. 
  • Avoid purchasing beauty products that include ingredients from sea animals, including squalane which is derived from threatened shark species.
  • Avoid purchasing jewellery and home decor made from coral, shells & turtle shells. 

Find out more about World Oceans Day and how you can support the cause here.

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