I dyed my hair in lockdown

Dying my hair in lockdown

You may remember my article about maintaining blonde hair. Well, I’m no longer that person. I’m now the proud owner of gorgeous ginger locks. Dying my hair in lockdown may have been one of my best 2020 decisions yet. Here’s how it went down.

With about an inch of brown regrowth and a reduction in salary thanks to COVID-19, I had to decide between eating or professional blonde hair. I chose food. 

It was a day full of emotions. Was it a good choice? Would it look fierce? I listed all the pros and cons.

I woke up the next day set on making the change. I was off to the pharmacy to gather my supplies for this transformation. 

It had been over 2 years since I had used an at-home dye. It took me a solid 30 minutes to apply the colour, following every technique I had learnt from Brad Mondo’s YouTube channel. I sat with my anxieties for the next 40 minutes while the colour worked its magic.

Then came the washing stage, where it looked like someone was juicing a carrot onto my body. After what seemed liked 20 minutes, it was time to get out of the shower to see what kind of devilish act I had performed on my blonde tresses. 

To my surprise, it looked better than I could have imagined. Feeling impressed with my efforts, I proceeded to take more than enough selfies for a year. Dying my hair in lockdown was a success.

Overall, was the $20 worth it? Hell yes. 

Would I do it again? Yes.

And for all of you wondering, here’s a before and after.

Before and After


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