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Innovative New Zealand company Eat My Lunch is looking for investors to be a part of their social enterprise making change happen for Kiwi kids.

Words Makayla Wallace-Tidd

Eat My Lunch began in 2015 in co-founder Lisa King’s kitchen after partnering with chef Michael Meredith to create a healthy and nutritious menu for both customers and New Zealand children.

The business’s format is for every lunch purchased another lunch is given to a child in need. The next goal is reaching a capital raise through funding from eager investors.

It is now calling on people wanting to contribute to their mission with a minimum investment of 500 shares, equivalent to $500.

The investment method is via PledgeMe and has a minimum goal of $675,000 before the pledges are confirmed. Eat My Lunch are offering a maximum of 2,000,000 shares for investors to buy.

The for-profit organisation is aiming for growth in many areas, including introduction into the retail impulse market, building on their technology capabilities, educating and enabling families to make their own lunches and exploring the chance to expand nationally and internationally.

Investment perks offered by Eat My Lunch are for every $500 invested, five lunches are given to kids in need.

They currently give to 79 schools in Auckland and Wellington and have given a total of 1.2 million lunches in the past three years. As well as helping Kiwi kids, the company has made $4 million of revenue since its beginning and has created 50 new jobs for employees.

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