Inspiring health with Jason Shon Bennett: Podcast Feature

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From birth till the age of 20, Jason Shon Bennett struggled immensely with his health. From bad skin to asthma, allergies to weight issues, and constant bowel problems, he was always the sick one in the room. It wasn’t until someone suggested a change in diet, that his life would change forever.

“I was challenged by someone in a raw conversation, one of those conversations you don’t enjoy at the time but are really good for you.”

Being a 20-year-old dad, Bennett was willing to try anything to become a healthier father for his kids, however with the lack of information surrounding diet in the 80’s, he was initially sceptical. Soon the investigating, researching and a ton of book reading began and after a five-year period of eating well, Bennett removed all of his illnesses.

“I basically put these goggles on called ‘I’ll do anything to get well.’”

Bennett lives on, and encourages, a plant-based wholefood diet. He also insists that we, as a nation, consume more fiber. New Zealand has the highest rates of bowel cancer which could be reduced with the intake of more fiber, found in foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grain. Bennet also discusses eliminating food out of your diet, such as alcohol, coffee and sugar.   

For the last 35 years Bennett has regularly fasted. He explains intermittent fasting keeps you youthful and helps with weight loss. His three types of fasting include vegetable juice fasting, water fasting and green superfood fasting.

“We’re not only genetically built for fasting, but all of our ancient relatives had to fast.”

“Before the fridges and service stations, you only had the food you had.”

Since changing his life around at the age of 20, Bennett has lived and breathed healthy foods. He has worked for a superfood company, ran a health food store on Waiheke Island and now teaches at colleges around the nation. His latest project is his website jasonshonbennett.com, where he offers programs, coaching and research articles free to his consumers.

“For me it’s a real privilege and honour to pass the information on.”

Listen to our podcast interview with Jason below:

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