Lip service: a derm approved guide to the perfect pout

Most of us have a regimented skincare routine that includes a host of products intended to give us optimal skin, however chances are, not as much focus is placed on our lips. Sure, we might plump, gloss or colour our lips, but do we really give our lips the attention they deserve? Lucy Macdougald, Dermal Specialist at Biologi explains why it might be time to pay a little lip service. 


“Our lips can be one of the most prominent, stand-out facial features however we can all be guilty of neglecting them when it comes to our skincare. Many people don’t realise that the lips cells are more delicate and sensitive than the rest of the face. Firstly, they don’t have sebaceous glands, so they lack the natural oils that hydrate the skin which makes them drier and more prone to cracking. Secondly, lips are made up of significantly fewer layers of skin, making it harder for them to retain moisture. Interestingly, this is what leaves the blood vessels more exposed and is why the lips are darker in colour than the rest of the face.”


“With a slightly different make up to the rest of the face, there are some lip-specific actions we should do to achieve smooth, supple and hydrated lips:

STAY HYDRATED: The lips respond to internal hydration the same way as the rest of the skin. Hydrate by consuming liquid in the form of pure water, smoothies and herbal tea to keep lips naturally moisturised. Also be sure to hydrate lips from the outside by applying a moisturing lip treatment like Biologi’s BL Nourish Lip Serum. Helping to repair, hydrate, protect and anti-age, this water-soluble serum gives lips a boost of moisture and natural exfoliation, whilst leaving lips feeling refreshed, supple, and soft to the touch.

PROTECT LIPS FROM THE SUN: Lips are much more susceptible to the elements such as the harsh sun so always apply a lip-friendly SPF when you are exposed to the sun. Pair that with antioxidant protection to defend against free radical damage caused by harmful UV rays.

EXFOLIATE: Just like we would give our faces and bodies regular exfoliation, our lips need to be exfoliated too. Apply an overnight treatment, just like Biologi’s new BL Lip Serum, and then in the morning use a toothbrush or cloth to gently exfoliate excess skin and build-up. 

Biologi's BL Lip Serum


“There’s a host of things we shouldn’t be doing and the first culprit is something many of us are prone to doing unconsciously – licking lips!

AVOID LICKING LIPS: Whilst licking your lips might feel like it gives a burst of hydration, it actually has the opposite effect. Saliva evaporates quickly taking with it any natural moisture present. Saliva also contains enzymes that dry out the delicate cells leaving lips more dehydrated than before.

DON’T OVERUSE LIP BALM: Lip balm and chapsticks are designed to give an instant burst of hydration when lips feel dry but it’s easy to become reliant on the waxy products. The lips are designed to naturally hydrate themselves so overusing lip balms that give external hydration can actually slow the internal processes and become counterproductive. Then it becomes a case of the more you use, the more you will need.

DON’T BUY INTO FADS: Products that promise to plump lips and keep lipstick locked in place may seem like a good idea, however unfortunately the ingredients used to create these reactions can actually damage delicate skin cells. Remember that the skin on the lips has fewer layers than the rest of the face, so anything designed to be long-lasting or lock lip products in place can also fill the pores with toxins. If you apply a product that stings, tingles, or burns, even if the sensation is short term, those ingredients remain trapped in the layers causing unseen damage to cells. Whilst you don’t want toxins close to your cells, you definitely don’t want them so close to your mouth where they can easily be ingested.

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