Maggie Marilyn’s relaunch

Maggie Marilyn has relaunched their website with comprehensive transparency around their sustainability journey.

The relaunched website covers in detail everything from their makers, factories, fabrics, suppliers, eco packaging, community work, how to care for your clothes, challenges, 2020 sustainability strategy and a sustainable language guide to ensure there is absolutely no confusion.

“It is incredibly important to me to be completely transparent about our supply chain. I want to not only talk about everything we are proud of but also talk about the many challenges we face as a sustainable business trying to influence systemic change. My hope is that our website can be a platform for information and education. A place where our customers can come to learn where, how and by whom their clothes were made, what we stand for as a business; our achievements, goals and challenges and how to love and care for their clothes,” says designer Maggie Hewitt.

The site is broken down under headings People, Planet and Prosperity. People covers Made in New Zealand, their makers and supplier code of conduct. Planet delves into their eco packaging, climate change, fabrics, suppliers and their 2020 fabric commitments such as removing all virgin sourced synthetic fibers from their supply chain and having 50 per cent of each collection made up from repurposed and recycled materials by the end of 2020. Prosperity covers community, charity partnerships and how to love your clothes, including breakdowns on how to wash different fabrics and their personal, free of charge mending service.

Maggie Marilyn is made in New Zealand. Designer Maggie Hewitt pictured right.

“I believe it is my responsibility to do better than those before me. I want to produce clothing that enriches the lives of the customer however Maggie Marilyn clothing must equally enrich the lives of the people in our supply chain and the life of our home, mother nature,” says Hewitt.

In addition to this there is a comprehensive section on ‘Progress not perfection’ in which they outline all the challenges of producing ethically and sustainably within an intrinsically flawed, make-take-dispose fashion system and the ways they aim to tackle this. There is also a dedicated ‘Language’ page with detailed descriptions of all key terms so there is absolutely no misuse or confusion. Want to know exactly what ‘sustainability’ or ‘transparency’ means to Maggie Marilyn? They’ve got you covered.

This launch is one more step in Maggie Marilyn solidifying their seat at the sustainability table. It may not be a road well-travelled but Maggie Marilyn will continue to push boundaries, think outside the box and pave their own path towards a sustainable and circular industry that they are proud to be a part of.


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