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Why online fashion-forward platform Mane Project is set to light up the runway at the Good Sustainable Style Show during New Zealand Fashion Week 2018. 

Mane Project founder and designer Lizzie Turner

An acronym for ‘Made At No Expense’, Mane Project is an online platform created by founder and designer Lizzie Turner in November 2017 for the brands Arc & Bow and Bare Bones (established 2014), which feature timeless pieces ethically manufactured in India and made from organic, on trend materials. 

The brand mission of Mane Project and Turner is to manufacture fairly and safely, and in-turn, create a safe and fair platform for customers to shop in a way where they feel informed and connected to the manufacturer.

Says Turner, “Our product is not made at the expense of others and the environment… Ethical manufacturing processes, fair trade and sustainability from an environmental, social and economic perspective, are at the heart of everything we do. Our heart for goodness is reflected in our values and who we choose to do business with – seeking factories who share our vision, mission and core values.” 

Based in sunny Mount Maunganui, Turner hopes to create a sense of international community by connecting the buyer to the maker, and change perceptions around making conscious consumer decisions, by becoming a safe and trustworthy source of information and ethically manufactured products.

As for Mane Project’s brand aesthetic – Turner describes her labels Arc & Bow as bold and confident, always with bold prints, and Bare Bones as stylish minimalism. Together, she says, “they make the perfect yin and yang to cater to all types.” 

When approached to be a part of the Good Sustainable Style Show, the answer was a no brainer for Turner. 

“The fact that there was a show that was highlighting sustainable/ethical brands was enough for me.

“NZ Fashion Week is such a cool event, but the impacts of the industry on the environment is important, I’m looking forward to being part of that educational process for those attending the show,” she adds. 

Audiences can expect to see the new capsule collections for both Arc & Bow and Bare Bones on the runway. These designs will feature beautiful organic cotton materials. 

Turner says there are so many more amazing fabrications that are even less harmful to the environment that they hope to start using soon.

As for the future of fashion, Turner hopes that value will be bought back to the purchasing process. “[I hope] that people will understand that someone made the garment they are purchasing, they touched it, they crafted it. I hope that we will value our purchases more, [as well as] the process that went into making our clothes.” 

For more on Mane Project, visit maneproject.online and to get tickets to the Good Sustainable Style Show, click here

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