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Words: Ben Warren

For many health-conscious people out there, the path to wellness can often mean isolating symptoms and treating them individually. If we want to lose weight, we focus on calories in, calories out. If we are tired, we turn to coffee to get us through. While in some cases this approach can offer great temporary solutions, it doesn’t truly acknowledge the deeply intricate and connected nature of our natural bodies.

At BePure, our goal is to improve the wellbeing of the whole being. For us, this starts at a physiological level. It’s a simple but powerful way of approaching health and wellness – fronting up to the idea that if our bodies are adequately nourished, we will in turn feel more energised, grounded, think more clearly, sleep better and naturally regulate our hormones. By taking a deep, and more rounded approach to health, we enable our bodies to function at an optimal level, allowing us to pursue things in life that truly excite us. 

When it comes to wellbeing, we’ve identified the key ingredients that provide the foundations for optimal health. 

The foundation of wellness

Food. Not only does food build and repair the body, but it also impacts your mind, your energy – and therefore, your emotions. A healthy diet means eating nourishing wholefoods, ideally foods that are suited to your macronutrient profile. Food in its most natural state will carry the most nutrients – a quality supplement can help fill in the gaps. 

Sleep. When we sleep, our body uses the time to rest and repair. New research suggests that our brain gets a full ‘rinse’ (of our cerebrospinal fluid) overnight, enabling us to wake up refreshed and supporting a stable mood and mental state.

Exercise. There’s no denying (particularly from a research perspective) that daily exercise is an essential part of a healthy routine. We’ve also found from working with women that getting the appropriate type of exercise can be a powerful approach for improving health outcomes. Find the type of movement that works for you – and keep in mind that, surprisingly, if you have a lot on your plate or a stressful workload (i.e. everyone!), it might not be a good idea to add in a daily HIIT session. A walk or a more restorative yoga practice might have more positive impact, helping you to feel better and more energised in the long run.

Stress management. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that stress is a part of everyone’s daily life. With technology evolving at a rapid speed, so are the demands that are placed on us mentally and emotionally. In our work in the BePure Clinic, we’ve often found that if we don’t deal with stress (whether it’s emotional, physical or physiological) then good food and exercise – even in great quantities – won’t have the same meaningful impact.

But are we missing one essential ingredient?

Most Kiwi families are lacking essential nutrients – meaning they’re missing one key ingredient from their foundation of wellness. In part, this is to do with our busy lifestyles. Modern life exposes us to more stressors than humans throughout history have ever faced – and for our bodies to keep up, we’re using up a lot more nutrients. 

In addition, modern-day, convenient food choices have evolved away from nutrient-rich produce. Add to that stress, toxins and pesticides, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster… or at least ongoing compromised wellbeing. By working on nurturing a solid foundation for our wellness, we become bountiful in time and energy to fully indulge the gift of life and all its joys.

Ben Warren is a nutrition and holistic health expert.

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