Five ways with pineapples

Happy World Pineapple Day! Here are some interesting facts about these beloved yellow fruits, as well as ways to include and enjoy in more delicious recipes. 

A Rainforest Alliance green frog certified Dole pineapple plantation.

Some fun facts about pineapples 

  • When European explorers first encountered the fruit in America, they called them “pineapples” because of the resemblance to pine cones
  • Once harvested, pineapples don’t continue to ripen – every pineapple in the supermarket is as ripe as it will ever be so don’t buy one and save it for a week, thinking it will ripen, you can enjoy it right away
  • The difference in pineapple colours is usually based on where the pineapples were grown so a green pineapple can be just as sweet and delicious as a golden brown one
  • You should eat pineapples within 2 days of purchase if stored at room temperature, or cut it up and put it in the fridge where it will last for over a week
  • Pineapples originated in South America but now the largest producer is South East Asia – The Philippines and Thailand
  • Many people believe pineapples are a hanging fruit, however, they grow in the ground. 
  • A pineapple takes 18 – 20 months to harvest
  • A pineapple is the result of many flowers whose fruitlets have joined around a core. A pineapple produces around 200 flowers that join to create the pineapple

Five ways with pineapples

  1. In a refreshing smoothie. Whether fresh or canned, pineapples add refreshing flavour to any drink. A pineapple smoothie is perfect for an afternoon snack of for breakfast served with toast and your favourite topping. See Dole’s Tropical Pineapple Ginger Smoothie recipe, here
  2. In a cake! Whilst probably not the most conventional ingredient in cakes, we know of some darn delicious recipes that include pineapple. Check out Caralee Caldwell’s Healthy Hummingbird Cake recipe here
  3. As a garnish to your main meals. Pineapples make great additions to a salsa mix to be added to your stirfry, seafood and salad dishes. Check out this Tropical Salmon with Pineapple Salsa recipe here
  4. Fresh off the grill. Did somebody say grilled pineapple? YUM. This makes for a sweet, and light dessert option, enjoyed on its own or with a drizzling of honey, lime juice and cinnamon for an extra kick. 
  5. If you love Pina Coladas. Easy to prepare and quite simply irresistible. This cocktail recipe from Good‘s brother title, Toast magazine is must-have during summer. 

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