Delicious burgers and sides made to order made to order from the freshest natural ingredients



BurgerFuel’s fresh range of gourmet mini burgers are perfect for a light lunch, the ultimate snack, smaller tummies or those times you want to devour more than one burger. These minis are packed full of pure, natural ingredients and maximum BurgerFuel flavour. Try all four! Get a classic cheeseburger hit with the Hamburgini, experience their smashed juicy NZ beef in the Bambina, the Combustion Tofu is a vegetarian taste sensation or grab a Chook Royale with succulent grilled pineapple. They may be small, but they’re more than mighty. P.S. Add a gourmet side and an all-natural BurgerFuel Thickshake for a tasty little meal that’ll more than fill the gap.