Is the future really female?

Bestselling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Evolution of Goddess Emma Mildon shares her insights into what it takes to be a modern-day goddess.

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I raise you a new thought: the saying “the future is female” is wrong. Hear me out. This, like everything that was out of balance with the patriarchy, is flawed, in the same swing of imbalance from female to male, to male to female. The truth is, “the future is feminine.” There is a difference.

What is the feminine? 

How is feminine different? As with all labels, categorisations divide us. Evolving means being all-encompassing rather than exclusive. Men are just as capable of being feminine as females are. Therefore, this change isn’t solely to be championed by females, but championed by those in tune with and embracing all things feminine. It’s a balanced approach to both masculine and feminine energy, not one or the other. 

How do you define goddess?

An evolved goddess is someone who has a conscious comprehension and awareness of life, a beauty in their mindful nature, and is a role model who seeks to drive forward conscious change. A goddess unites people. She nourishes people’s energy, feeds them wisdom and helps them feel safe and secure in her unified family. She is love. She is education. An embodiment of good vibrations. A goddess doesn’t seek out balance; she is balance. When imbalance surrounds her, she seeks to right the wrongs. A goddess doesn’t fight or wait for equality; she is equality.  

“Our evolution of the story of goddess isn’t woven into ancient religious scripts, theories, or philosophies, no, the goddess teachings have never been labelled, categorised, or kept for a selected few. They have always been accessible to all. These stories have been told to girls globally, from the tales shared by African shamans, to those told around the fire pits of the Americas, to the bunk beds of the Western world.”

Why is goddess energy powerful? 

The key to the power of feminine and goddess is simple: love. Love is strength. Your compassion is commanding. Your ability to heal is hailing. Let this be your goddess ethos. Your evolved etiquette that sees you lead with love, meet opposition with understanding and equality, and your sense of power fuelled by your drive to be of service to the world. Help all. Heal all. In all reactions to actions, ask yourself: what would a goddess do? 

Goddess and the feminine have many faces. It isn’t gender specific. It is about the energy, the action. Most importantly, the energy behind the action. A modern goddess can be defined by their divine calling, seen in their service to others, passions, focus, strength, power, loving drive and sense of sovereignty. Our energy in showing up. Service. This is what it means to be feminine, to be in your inner goddess. 

The future is you, it is feminine, it is inclusive and it is incredibly bright. 

Activate your inner goddess

The four foundations of owning a goddess (r)evolution: 


Owning your place, your contribution. Understanding that none of us is above another person. That’s the illusion that keeps us divided. Take responsibility for all our energy, the good and the bad. We take care of ourselves, we take care of each other and we take care of earth. 


This is not a fight. There are no enemies amongst us. There is always opportunity for education. Conflict is a call for compassion, not a call to charge. The goddess’s goal is to never turn her back on something that needs love and nurturing (as tempting as this can be). We vow to care – forgivingly, empathically, sympathetically.  


A goddess’s role is to bring people together. Circles. Covens. Communities. We cross-pollinate consciousness and seed new insights, be it as small as inviting a woman over for a cup of tea, or as large-scale as a gathering of hundreds. When we unite we greet each other with that energy and the equal respect every single one of us rightfully deserves. 


There are no winners and losers. Celebrate each others’ strengths, not when someone fails. It is a shift. The choice to do right. The choice to include, to forgive, to love anyway. This is your power. No matter what has been taken from you, what society has or hasn’t allowed you, what labels or beliefs limit you – your choice, your response, your action
is your power.

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