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Snowberry’s Youth Renewing Face Serum is a product your skin can rely on.

A twice-daily skincare routine is a ritual of self-care, not just for your skin but also your spirit, which is why Good is so excited about Snowberry’s Youth Renewing Face Serum.

It feels great on the skin from the moment it is applied, lifts the senses, and it has been proven by a gold standard clinical trial (a robust independent trial) to plump the skin, improve skin barrier function and boost collagen and elastin production.

It is comforting to know that it does what it says on the bottle and this is due to the serum being powered by Snowberry’s trademarked conditioning eProlex™ triple peptide power pack – an effective mix of three peptides designed to reach the dermis and target different areas of the skin.

It took Snowberry’s skin scientist Dr Travis Badenhorst eight years to work out a unique peptide delivery system that allows the powerful peptide complexes to be absorbed deep into the skin, where they can boost collagen and elastin production.

An innovative blend of nature and science, Snowberry Youth Renewing Face Serum includes native plant extracts such as New Zealand totarol (a natural preservative and antioxidant) and rejuvenating harakeke seed oil, produced at Snowberry Gardens near Wellsford.

The combination of harakeke seed oil, totarol and e-Prolex™, amongst many other ingredients, has been proven by gold standard clinical trial to reduce wrinkle volume 4.5 times, by helping to boost collagen and elastin!

The harakeke oil is deeply hydrating and rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which condition and hydrate the skin.

Its subtly beautiful scent will immediately transport you to Snowberry Gardens.

On Good’s recent visit to Snowberry Gardens, head perfumer Hector Esquinca explained his inspiration – the different spaces in the gardens. So close your eyes and imagine a field of wild grass covered in early morning dew ringed by native forest. The air is fresh and pure, uplifting. Tiny flowers line the margin of the stream running through the property, symbolising the resilience of these flowers as the water runs free. The sun is coming through the trees. You can smell the earthy nodes of fallen leaves, grass and bark. You are in the presence of Mother Nature.

“That experience is very relaxing, which we wanted to recreate for our Snowberry fragrance,” he explains.

Snowberry head parfumer Hector Esquinca

So, inhale and exhale before spreading the serum thinly over your face and neck, morning and evening after cleansing and before applying your moisturiser or SPF. For best results wait five minutes after using to continue your regimen. That gives the amazing ingredients time to seep into your skin and do their magic.

It’s an extraordinarily exciting breakthrough in skincare, backed by a gold standard trial. The perfect balance between science and nature.

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