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Body positivity and health and wellness ambassador Jess Quinn shares how she stays on track with her goals. 

Words Natalie Cyra. Photography Laura Snelling

Jess Quinn was just nine years old when she broke her leg, which led to her cancer diagnosis and subsequent leg amputation. Now in her mid-twenties, Quinn has worked hard to overcome the adversity she’s faced, inspiring the nation with her sky-is-the-limit attitude and establishing herself as a successful model, health and wellness influencer and advocate for body acceptance and positivity. 

To say Quinn leads a busy life would be an understatement, with the 25-year-old juggling photo shoots, television appearances, motivational speaking engagements and events nearly every week. But she remains diligent, focused and in touch with her health and wellbeing. So, what’s her secret? One thing she swears by is her Samsung Galaxy Watch.  

Designed with wellness in mind, the Galaxy Watch offers a true holistic health experience with its new stress management tracker, which automatically detects high levels of stress and offers breathing exercises to help keep users centred and focused. It also features a new advanced sleep tracker, monitoring all levels of sleep, including REM cycles, guiding users to adjust their sleeping habits to get the rest they need to take on the day.  

“Slowing down is a huge one for me and it’s something I’m really trying to focus on. I’m always ‘go go go’, both in my training and in life, I’m not good at allowing my body to rest. I like doing things but it takes a toll on my body, especially in 2018, which has been a huge year physically. Having the stress monitor on the watch, and the sleep tracker has helped me to tune into my body and understand when I need to slow down,” she says.  

Quinn has been using the watch for a few months now, following its August 2018 release. “It took me about 10 seconds to love it! My main purpose is to track my wellness and training but I also find it’s helped a lot with my organisation. I have quick access to the things I use most, like Spotify, emails, reminders and messages.”

On the go 

Quinn anticipates a year of travel ahead. “I know exactly what I want to do and the message I want to put out to the world, now I’m just going to explore different avenues to project it. My watch will be amazing to travel with as it’ll keep me organised and help me track my wellness while flying around different time zones.”

Staying connected  

Galaxy Watch’s improved battery life of up to 80 hours eliminates the need for daily charging. Users can also start and end their day with briefings to stay on top of reminders, weather and their latest schedule. And it’s available in three sleek new designs including Silver, Midnight Black and Rose Gold, as well as customisable band colours.

It’s time 

Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Watch at samsung.com/nz

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