Sephora says look after your skin in lockdown

The new normal is to stay at home, and our daily skincare and makeup routine is all over the place! We talk to Alphie Sadsad, National Artistry Lead for Sephora New Zealand & Australia about how we can keep our skin calm and cool during this weird time.

1. Should we give our skin a break from makeup during the lockdown?

Yes, taking a break allows the skin to restore its natural moisture level without having layers of makeup clogging it. It also allows the skin to expel any makeup residue that has been left on the skin.

If you do need to apply a little bit of makeup to face that Zoom / Skype Call, you can curl your lashes, brush up eyebrows, use a little concealer and add a hydrating lip gloss.

2. Is now a good time to establish a new and simple skincare routine?

As people move into self isolation we will start to observe some reactions from people’s skin – for example under or overproduction of sebum, which is typically caused by lower sun exposure. Your skin may also be more irritated, grey and experience a few unexpected breakouts.

This is the time to establish a skincare routine as sometimes you have to play the long game to get results. Sometimes, new textures and products can make your skin break out, but this is simply ​a “purge” that you should ride out​ in pursuit of better skin.

Depending on your skin type, I would consider looking into a hydrating cleaner, with an oil or cream/gel textures.

Alphie Sadsad

3. Do we need to wear SPF inside?

SPF is so important even at home as we have UVA and UVB coming through our windows. I would use a moisturiser that has SPF like ALPHA-H Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser SPF15.

If you love your moisturiser and it doesn’t have any protection, an SPF50 serum or sunscreen are great to layer on top.

4. What about our nails, brows, and hair?

Let me start with nails. My best advice with nails is to use a glycolic acid daily on your cuticle/feet and heels to eat away those dead skin cells. Use a fine nail file to maintain shape, making sure you’re filing in one direction rather than a sawing action. Use your face oil or a cuticle oil on your nail beds at night. When you can, rub hand cream to prevent dryness.

With your brows, ONLY tweeze stray hair and avoid touching your brow shape. This will prevent your brows from going too thin with over plucking. If you can trust yourself, I would say brush your brow hair up for that effortless look and embrace the growth. It is currently on trend.

I also recommend letting your hair dry naturally, now is the time to detox from your dryer!

5. How can we maintain a feeling of luxury at home?

Dim the lights and light a candle, play your favourite easy listening playlist, get that comfy robe and exercise your beautiful skin care ritual. Grab some warm wash cloths and use these to remove your face mask at the end – just like they do at a day spa!

7. We’re bored with our usual makeup look, how can we express our creativity inside?

My advice would be to stop using your favourite neutral eyeshadows and experiment with something you have admired on someone else, perhaps bold colour. This is a perfect time to experiment and just have fun!

Reach out to your favourite Makeup artist – slide in their DMs to get hints and tips to help perfect your look. I know, I love getting photos and being asked to critique and give advice. Don’t be afraid!

8. Do you have any self-care routines to keep us feeling good and positive?

Baths are a great way to unwind and release all the negative energy. Also apply your favourite hair mask and face mask. Drink your favourite New Zealand wine and play some chilled music.

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