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Panasonic’s Laundry Appliance Range

Despite washers and dryers not being the most glamorous of Christmas purchases, Panasonic laundry appliances really are the gifts that keeps giving.

Clean lines and a classic design characterise the appearance of Panasonic's laundry appliance range, but it is their innovative technologies that really warrant attention. Cutting-edge and energy-saving, whether washing, drying, or both, Panasonic ensures optimal performance and reduces energy usage.

No other product demonstrates this exceptional performance quite as well as the Panasonic NH-P70G2WAU Inverter Heat-Pump Dryer. Harnessing the latest INVERTER and ECONAVI technologies, this dryer has been awarded an amazing 6-Star Energy Rating thanks to its ability to generate more heat while using less energy which makes it more efficient and environmentally friendly than other conventional dryers.

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