Staying well during a pandemic

Staying well during times like these is incredibly important. Wellness is driven by the way we give back to our bodies, both physically and mentally. Do what you can and try not to compare yourself to others during the pandemic. The right thing to do is what’s right for you.

Here are some of my favourite ways to stay well:


Staying well

Sleep allows your body to rest and recover from your day’s activities. The recommended amount for an adult is 8 hours a night but some may need slightly more or less. I usually aim for 7-9 hours depending on my activities that evening, and what a realistic bedtime would look like. Only you know what works for you. Aim to set a somewhat regular bedtime each evening and the same with your wake-up call. Having a regular schedule means hitting the hay becomes a natural part of your body’s daily cycle. If you are having trouble sleeping, there are sleep teas, lavender-infused products, and white noise apps that can help.


staying well

Being mindful of how you are feeling is crucial to wellness. If you don’t understand how you feel then how will you know to change? Were you feeling happy this morning, but stressed this afternoon? What’s changed between these two times?

Being aware of your feelings means you can work on fixing them. I have found mindfulness apps helpful for tracking these feeling as well as learning new calming tasks. During lower emotional periods I also stretch and engage in deep breaths.  


pole fitness

First of all, this is not about running 5km or even a marathon. This is about moving your body for a chunk of time regularly to stay well. I aim for 3-4 exercise sessions a week. For me, this can be anything from walks to a strength training workout. However, to make this a sustainable part of my life, I need to do the types of exercise I enjoy.

A lot of people enjoy yoga or low impact workouts over high-intensity ones. Some love things that empower them, like pole fitness or burlesque. Again, the right thing to do is what’s right for you. Find some cute workout clothes and get moving to increase endorphins and heart health. 


staying well

Water is a compound that makes up one of our body’s essential building blocks. Just how you would oil a squeaky door or put lubricant in an engine, our bodies need water. Water acts as a hydration method for our joints, our brain, and our biggest organ — skin. Water also affects our hair health and our energy to function.

The recommended eight glasses of water a day equals two litres. This is a great base level to get yourself to for your body to be sufficiently hydrated. However, don’t try to increase to this level overnight as you’ll be running to the bathroom every 30 minutes. It took me around a month to get myself to this stage. Small, achievable drinking goals will help set you up for a sustainable lifestyle. You can even mix things up by adding sliced lemons, cucumber or mint to your glass.

For more wellness tips, check out our favourite wellness products and five stretches for relaxation.

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