The multiple benefits of eating organics: help your health & the planet


There are many benefits to eating organic foods over conventional alternatives, and a few substitutions in the weekly shopping trolley can make a positive difference to one’s health and that of the planet.

Organic food comes from chemical-free crops, that is, crops grown without the use of synthetic sprays and pesticides.

However, there is more to organics than being chemical-free. At the root of it, organic agriculture is a holistic approach that prioritises the long-term health of the soil, land and waterways to support ecological balance, environmental quality and healthy workers.

One New Zealand company promoting this holistic approach to food is Chantal Organics, distributing its products which include spreads, cereals, legumes and sauces to grocery and health food stores all over the country.

Chantal Organics was founded in 1978 by a group of Hawke’s Bay families who formed a co-operative to source organic, natural and whole foods that they couldn’t find in supermarkets. As more families joined, the co-op evolved into a nationwide business.

And as it was when the co-operative began, Chantal Organics is still deeply committed to bettering the world by supporting sustainable and organic farming to protect the planet and nourish its customers. The company consistently reviews its processes and products to reduce its ecological footprint.

Organic farming is beneficial for the environment because it promotes healthy soil, the foundation for a sustainable global food system. This healthy and resilient soil contains bacteria to help plants fight disease and pests, provides plants more nutrition and higher crop yields, and also holds more water which reduces runoff and soil erosion.

Without healthy and farmable soil, we can’t grow food, retain rainwater or refill our lakes and rivers. Further, continued loss of healthy soil each year contributes to approximately 20-30% of our current greenhouse gases.

And if non-organic and conventional farming practices continue, we have only 60 years of farmable topsoil remaining.

Health-wise, you may already be drawn to organic food to support your health. According to numerous studies, long-term health benefits of organic food consumption include a higher number of antioxidants and phytonutrients, reduced exposure to pesticides, healthier eating patterns, improved early childhood development and lower risk of disease.

Now, it’s over to you. Your buying power and food choices not only impact your health but the global climate too.

Challenge yourself to make small changes this week. Choose one item on your shopping list, whether it’s produce, flour, oats or milk and make the switch from conventional to organic. Chantal Organics’ products range from pantry and baking staples to beans & legumes, you’ll be surprised with what you can consume organically!

To aid you in your organics journey, we recommend you check out these delicious recipes by Chantal Organics here. From breakfast and mains to dips, dressings, sweet treats and smoothies, there’s something for every budget and taste preference.

Find out more at chantalorganics.co.nz.

Chantal Organics have been quietly working alongside nature for over 40 years. Their range of delicious & nutritious foods make it easy for you to enjoy the unrivalled goodness & taste of organic food that only nature can create. Preservative & GMO free.

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