The wonders of magnesium oil

Still taking magnesium tablets and powders? Learn about Amazing Oils’ magnesium oil. 

If you have ever suffered from a magnesium deficiency, such as cramps or headaches, you might have tried the traditional magnesium tablets or powders. The harsh environment of the gut and stomach acid unfortunately prevents the effective absorption of magnesium. That’s why it often takes weeks of supplementation to get any measurable results. If you try taking several capsules at once to speed up the process, you would be in for a nasty stomach ache. 
Modern magnesium is now absorbed effectively through the skin. These topical magnesium products bypass the gut, still have the benefits of magnesium supplements but also have amazing effects when applied directly to the source of pain. 
If you’re suffering from a magnesium deficiency such as cramping in the legs, apply the magnesium directly to the area. This provides immediate relief and you also get the same benefit as taking several magnesium supplements. 

What are magnesium deficiency symptoms? Cramping, headaches, migraines, muscle pain, joint pain, sleep issues, sugar cravings, restless legs, stress and fatigue. And that’s just to name a few. 
Magnesium is such an essential mineral for the body that it’s used in 1200 of 1600 bodily functions. It’s often thought of as the opposite of calcium. While calcium is used to harden and contract, magnesium is used to release and relax. Thus, its nickname “The Amazing Mineral”. 
You need to watch out though, as not all magnesium is the same. There is a term that scientists use called ‘bio-availability’, which is basically how much you apply versus how much is absorbed. The topical kind of magnesium you want is called magnesium chloride, the smallest molecular structure for maximum bio-availability. 

 You might have used epsom salts in a bath or been for a float in a float tank. The bio-availability of magnesium chloride is about five times larger than that used in epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). On top of that, magnesium chloride is a naturally forming substance, while epsom salts are lab manufactured. Epsom Salts are often half the price of magnesium chloride flakes; however, they don’t nearly measure up in performance. 

Magnesium chloride comes in two forms. Solid (like a flake) or mixed into a solution. When mixed in a brine of water, it’s commonly called magnesium oil, which is strange because it doesn’t contain any oil whatsoever. 

The team behind Amazing Oils

Amazing Oils is a family-based company in Australia. They discovered the benefits of magnesium oil after an immediate family member was stricken with a serious illness. After trialling sources in Europe, China and Hawaii, they found the best magnesium was in their own backyard. Amazing Oils, sources the magnesium brine directly from underneath salt lakes in the middle of the Australian desert, making it as pure as it comes. 
Amazing Oils started by accident when founder Lee took a few bottles to the local market with a sign that read “Only spraying, not selling”, an attempt to help as many people as he could. He was soon surrounded by a crowd of their first customers. They had to return the following week with more stock. 

While they’ve continued the trend of trying to help people, they do so now on a much bigger scale. With more than 3000 retailers across Australia and New Zealand, look out for their blue Amazing Oils products in your local health store or pharmacy.

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