Ti Ora Tea Talks with Dr Craig Reynolds

Dr Craig Reynolds

Many of our most meaningful and important conversations take place over a cuppa.

Good magazine is taking that time-honoured tradition one step further with Ti Ora Tea Talks – a series of educational events, inspirational podcasts and a series of magazine interviews covering a wide range of wellbeing topics.

The work of Dr Craig Reynolds helps people reorganise how their body and mind move energy, respond to stress and deal with the demands of modern day life. He talks about how this can be achieved by working with the nervous systems physical and energetic structures, creating new deeper connections between the brain and body.

  • Find out how to change your physiology, change your perspective and change your behaviour, to enhance the quality of your life.
  • Why energy is the key to this sustainable change.
  • How to source the energy and direct it to whatever area of life is seeking your attention.
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