Top 5 stretches for relaxation

Has working from home got your body feeling tense and uncomfortable? Stretching can make a world of difference when working from home. Doing these 5 stretches daily will have your muscles thanking you in no time.

Hamstring stretch 

  1. Standing upright, keep your knees straight and point your fingers.
  2. Reach as far down your shins as possible, toes if you can, while keeping your knees straight. You should feel the back of your legs stretch out. 

Quad stretch

  1. While standing up, bend your knee and bring one leg towards your glutes.
  2. Grab the foot and gently pull it close to your glutes, making sure both of your knees are still parallel. 
  3. Feel free to use a wall for balance if needed, and if you want a deeper stretch, push your hips forward. 

    4. Repeat with the other leg.

Hip stretch 

  1. Sit on the floor with both of your knees bent. Roll onto your back, keeping your knees bent and place your left leg at a 90-degree angle so your calf is across your chest. 
  2. Bring your right knee closer to your chest so it is touching your left leg. Using your hands, pull your right leg in close to allow the left hip to get a good stretch.

    3. Repeat with the right leg.

Chest and Shoulder stretch 

  1. Standing or sitting up straight, place your hand behind your back and lace your fingers together. 
  2. Push your arms up towards the sky and feel the stretch in your chest and shoulders.

Side stretch 

  1. Staying in the same straight-up position as the chest and shoulder stretch, reach your arms above your head and lace your fingers together.
  2. Stretch your arms left to right and feel each side of you stretch.

    Last but not least, take a break. You deserve it!
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