Vegan and versatile make-up

Aleph Beauty is a gorgeous make-up range that has been developed to be both versatile in the fact that each product can be used in different ways, and everything’s vegan. We spoke with creator Emma Peters about where the concept came from.

Words Lara Wyatt

Good: When did you come up with the concept of Aleph Beauty and what inspired you to do so?

Emma Peters: Over the past two decades as a make-up artist, I developed an interest in holistic health, nutrition and yoga. There came a point where I started to piece together the fact that our skin absorbs a large portion of what goes on it and, being mindful of what I put in my body, it didn’t make sense to put chemically laden products on my body and on my clients. I launched a couple of online natural beauty retail stores selling other brands and still felt there wasn’t anything that brought together everything that I wanted in a brand. There were cruelty-free brands that were extremely harmful to humans, there were natural brands that put everything in plastic containers or there were conscious brands that were seriously lacking in function and style.

Can you describe your relationship and work within the make-up industry previously and how it’s evolved to what you’re doing now?

I’ve worked as a make-up artist for 20-plus years in film, TV, advertising and fashion. Having made up thousands of faces, I really got to know the products that suit people the most and those key products that work best to create a great yet effortless look. Make-up needn’t be complicated and overwhelming.

One of my personal core values is helping people be better and choose better. So creating something that’s better for the health of people and better for the planet is really important to me. This includes minimal packaging and minimal waste with a focus on sustainability. Aleph is designed to be multi-functional, allowing you to use minimal products for maximum effect. Aleph Beauty checks all the boxes on your “conscious lifestyle” checklist, while delivering outstanding performance.

Can you tell us more about Aleph’s products?

We only use vegan-friendly ingredients. We believe that a truly cruelty-free product shouldn’t contain animal products. We’re very conscious about every decision we make and keep our values in mind when making them, being mindful that we’re minimising harm to people, planet and animals.

If someone’s wanting to make a great starter kit out of Aleph products, which items would you recommend?

Because all of our products are multi-use, all you need is a Concealer / Foundation, a Cheek / Lip Tint and a Radiance to add a little bit of light and dimension. And of course our Vegan Diffuser Brush gives you the most flawless foundation finish while using minimal product.

What skin types are Aleph products designed for? Are they great for both young and mature skin?

Aleph is designed for all skin types and ages. It’s beautiful on young skin and is fresh, glowing and natural on older skin. We’ve built in some amazing ingredients to diffuse light to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and also actives to promote cellular renewal for long-term skin benefits.

Find out more information about Aleph Beauty, as well as video tutorials, over at alephbeauty.com. You can also contact Aleph Beauty on [email protected].

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