What will the world look like post COVID-19?

As we approach alert level 2 and enter a new phase focused on recovery, rebuilding communities, and economic growth, what should we expect?

Personal hygiene  

post COVID-19

Now that people have seen the positive impact of good personal hygiene, it’ll be something to stick to post-COVID-19. There’s sense in wearing a face mask when you have a cold and need to pop to the shops. We’ll also be washing our hands more frequently as we move between bubbles.

We hope there’ll be a much needed shift in employer attitudes, who will be open to staff working from home on a regular basis. And it won’t be staunch to go into work when you have a cold. Your colleagues will thank you for staying at home, instead of telling you to harden up.



With social media users taking to the likes of Instagram and TikTok to show off their food creations, many are learning skills they never had before. We’re cooking more complex dishes that we wouldn’t normally have the time or patience for.

We’ve also noticed an uptake in gardening, as plenty of New Zealanders are digging deeper to find satisfaction in growing their own food. Bring on more neighbourhood lemon and feijoa trees!

Walking until you can’t walk anymore 


Never seen so many people on your street before? Neither did we until lockdown. We think that walking has many benefits, including fresh air and getting away from our devices, and we hope to see the foot traffic continue.

In fact, we think that any activity previously perceived as ‘mundane’ or ‘too hard’ in a world that caters to the laziest of consumers will grow in popularity. It’s the simple things that matter, like biking to the supermarket or baking our own bread. Anything that positively affects our mental and physical health is a win!


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